Dil Dosti Dance 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th November 2013 Written Update

The director announces that he is nana.the gang hears his name and remembers him as a great person. Nana comes down and says you guys know my anger.Rinni replies he looks funny but not a angry young man.Nana shows his anger.Rinni says its a compliment that he is funny.Nana shouts and asks he is funny.Sharon asks him why is he shouting.He gets even more angry .He asks the gang not to increase his anger.The gang tells he is not funny.Nana now says he is funny and then asks how was his performance. The gang replies with its too good and ask for his autograph.The pune comes and informs that VP is calling them. Nana says Vp is calling the gang when attender informs VP is also calling him.Nana replies with lets move saying jai ho Gandhi maharaj. The VP introduces Nana as them. The gang replies they already met him and know him. Vp saying he is not actual nana but duplicate .Nana replies he is his junior .The junior Nana. Vp says he will be directing Ram-Leela. Nana says he has already started and chosen the jodi. Vp asks whom when Nana says they are here. The gang is confused when Nana tells the first one is Rey and Sharon and second is Swayam and Aashi.

Sharon says this cannot be done.Rey asks but she wanted to be Sita. Sharon says its wrong the jodis are itself wrong.Nana says this is his insult and gets hyper. Nana then decides that he will audition it and asks them to put it in notice broad and also spread the word. One the clerk puts up the notice a huge line forms in the atrium for people who have come to audition.The line ends but Nana had not selected any and then asks the gang to audition.It starts with Rey, Vicky, Nilesh,Barath and Amar. the team asks Swayam but says he does not want.Sharon thinks if Swayam wont participate then she wont audition for Sita too. Nana chooses Amar as Ram. Sharon says no he can’t.There is a argument between Sharon and Nana. Rey and Swayam try to control .They tell Nana that Amar has language problem and how will he improve in four days.Them or even the pubic will not be able to understand what he says then his efforts will go in drain. NAna calls Amar and tells him he cant be Ram.Amar says he is happy that he was recognized. Nana asks who will be Ram when the gang tells Rey.

Nana asks who will be Sita when Sharon shouts Aashi. Nana asks who did sneeze when Sharon says she told the name Aashi.The gang then decides to make Aashi as Sita. Nana says so this is final..The team moves to rehearsal hall when first Rey says his lines.He forgets when Nana asks him to read it fully.Next he calls Lakshman. Swayam too tells his lines when he gets stuck as Vilamb. Swayam says Sorry when Nana says Britishers left but they have left sorry here. Next he calls Sita. Aashi keeps seeing him.Nana asks her to continue when Aashi asks him to say Action first. Once it start Aashi says types when Nana stops and asks her was she a typewriter at her previous birth. The gang laughs when Nana stops them.Next he calls Ravan when Vicky too says few lines. Nana calls Sharona s attitude girl when Sharon replies She is Sharon.

Precap: The gang plays spin the bottle when it stops at Sharon. Nana asks has she loved one when Swayam gets up and says he has to move out. Sharon follows and stops Swayam. Swayam says he does not want others to know their parts. Sharon says whats wrong when she wants to show her love.She loves him.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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