Dil Dosti Dance 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Swayam does not let Sharon leave ad holds her back. He questions her about her actions. She denies all the statements he makes. He asks her why she is so desperate on avoiding him and has decided firmly that she does not want any relationship with him. He tells her she has changed so much since their relationship and he cannot understand why. Sharon interrupts saying’Trial relationship.

She asks him if this is why he held him back. He says no and asks the real question. Moving on to next doubt, he questions her why she doesn’t want to dance. The girl who once lived for dance is not dancing any more and it doesn’t make any sense to him what so ever. She replies back saying she’s simply not interested in dance in the same way any more.

Swayam refuses to believe that as he knows better. He pleads her to tell him the problem as he cannot bear it any longer. Sharon is looking here and there unsure of what to do. She’s in dilemma whether or not to tell him. There doesn’t seem to be an escape route either for her.

Just then, Simmi comes there and says she came to fetch her as she wasn’t responding to her texts. Sharon checks her wallet and sees it, apologizes as she didn’t notice it. Simmi says and it’s fine. They’re about to leave when Swayam stops saying you still haven’t given my answer.

Simmi asks what question. To which, Sharon goes back to Swayam and loudly tells him if he so gets pleasure in putting her ‘weakness’ in front of everyone. Swayam realizes the situation and covers up saying Sharon made mistake in the adress of the site and so that’s the weakness. Both Sharon and Simmi leave.

Swayam tells himself to get a hold of himself and that he might be okay with their ‘trial relationship’ coming out in front of everyone but Sharon isn’t comfortable with that. So he’ll have to be careful.

Scene 2:

In the rehearsal room, everyone is rehearsing like crazy and Rey looks at them with full on pleasure. He then asks them how come they didn’t want to accept the offer till yesterday and today a sudden change? They reply saying they should have the option to accept or reject. Not the one’s who’re offering them.

Rey gets a call saying they’re here. He calls Sharon and Swayam together and asks them to meet in atrium. Taani brings a couple and the couple murmur to themselves, ‘where are they taking us? They do know we’re here for the car, right?”

The team puts on a full show saying they’re the best dancers, etc etc. All throughout, the couple is completely confused. They say a meeting had to be done as it’s so pricey. The team say 15,000 isn’t costly for them. It’s normal. The girl asks, a car can’t be worth 15,000! Their car is costlier than that! The misunderstanding is thus cleared as they say they’re looking for their dad’s car [translated in Hindi, a movie being released on 15th March]

They all have a good laugh at it and the girl says they’re looking in each college and asking the GS if they know where it is. And since GS is Reyansh Singhania, we asked him. Everyone’s confused as he isn’t GS any more and they assume that records must not have been changed.

Everyone together have a group dance spontaneous.

Scene 3:

Taani is in the locker room getting ready to leave when Rey calls her and asks her to meet him once before she leaves. She doesn’t want to but Rey finally manages to make her agree. When she goes to meet him, she’s showered with sweet surprise dinner from Rey. Rey comes up from behind and says if they couldn’t have lunch, they can surely have dinner together. Episode ends on their smile.


Update Credit to: Khushii

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