Dil Dosti Dance 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon’s mother sees her caressing Swayam. She insists him to come inside to have water.
Rey reminds how Bharat reacted saying the four of them will get selected, how he was frustrated and said they will lose their dream. Rey thinks how Bharat could think he is selfish. He gets Kriya’s call and asks how she is. She asks if everything alright. He tells her he told the whole team the situation. She tells him to relax. He says this is the problem that he thinks why he is calm and he doesn’t want to do anything. She says he is afraid to lose his position and says she will call Bharat. He says he is angry so you must not call her. She tells him that Richard has gone to Chicago and will return tomorrow. He says it is very important for them to talk to him and save the dream of their friends. She says he must sleep now and not worry. They say good bye to each other.
Sharon goes to bring water leaving Swayam in the lounge. Her mom was standing behind. He asks how is she, she says she cant be better. She asks where Sharon is. He says she went inside to get water. She gives him the glass she poured for herself. He drinks it and says thankyou. She says you are welcome. He says good night and says she will tell Sharon. He says okay and turns to leave, she says please shut the door before leaving. He goes outside closing the door, he thinks he should call Sharon. He thinks her mom will tell her. Sharon comes and asks where Swayam is. Her mom says he left as he was tired. She says he is ignoring me, and begins to call him. Her mother takes her phone and says you always remain busy with the friends or college.
In the café, they were waiting to talk to Bharat and hopes he will understand. Rey stops Bharat but he says why is he stopping me now, he has got all for his friends. Swayam comes to save Rey but Bharat says why he is Rey so calm now. Amar also says had he told him before, this would not have happened.
Rey says Kriya will talk to her sir in sometime. Bharat says how you people could understand the problems the financial crisis means. Rey says he agrees he is a bad friend, and leaves. Bharat tells them all to leave him alone too.
Swayam and Sharon come across. Swayam says Good morning to her. She complains he left without saying good bye. She asks couldn’t he talk to her mom for some time. He complains saying she didn’t call him, she says sorry to him. She asks where Rey is. He tells her about the argument he and Bharat had in café, he says it always go the other way with Rey. Either he is blamed for being aggressive or for being calm. She suggests she can talk to Bharat but Swayam says he must handle him himself.
Nil and Vicky were playing basket ball, they were frustrated about the fights in group. Vicky gets kicked, Nil holds him to take him to doctor.
Rey comes to VP. He asks what the reaction of their team was. Rey says everyone is disturbed, especially Bharat. He feels they aren’t doing anything about it. VP says he understands his priorities. Rey tells him he tried but he isn’t ready to listen to anything. VP tells him to send him to his office, Rey requests him not to talk to him right now as he is very angry.
Vicky asks Nil is the doctor good one, Nil tells him he has come here for the first time but the doctor is famous. The receptionist calls his name, he tells Nil to stay outside. Vicky comes to the office, it was a female doctor. He begins to leave but she calls his name. He comes inside; she asks what the problem is. He tells her that about the ‘I am twenty one years old’ article. She says she also reads it. She asks him the problem. He tells her he was hit by the ball hardly. She stands up and says she will check. They come from the check-up room. She writes medicine for him. Nil is worried outside, why he is taking so long. Vicky keeps looking at the doctor while she writes medicines for him.
Rey thinks about Bharat and his blames. He thinks he never thought this affiliation will bring so many problems.

PRECAP: Rey talks on phone; Swayam asks what did they say. He tells him they say the decision has been taken already.

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