Dil Dosti Dance 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All the D3 sign the contract in front of Mr. Oberoi. He watches the file and says one sign is still left. They all look around.
Huma was worried, still locked in the room. She watches the time, as 10.30.
Karma says to Rey that Huma has not come yet. Mr. Oberoi gives them one single minute, Sara offers to sign but in a minute he heads to leave. Huma calls from behind to stop, and asks for pen. She signs the deal, and says the deal is on. She apologizes at them for being late.
Huma’s ammi brings breakfast to her room, and is shocked to see Huma flee from window.
D3 celebrate in the rehearsal hall, when Huma’s ammi come there. Huma asks where she is going, with this luggage packed. Her ammi says she is leaving, when she has decided that her ammi isn’t anything to her, she is also not anything to them. Huma says she has done it all for the villagers, her ammi says all of these people belong to rich families but she, Karma, Amar, Bharat why are they ruining their lives for this. They aren’t even realizing what they have done to their lives.
Kriya arrives at the airport.
Karma says to Huma that they are all with her. Sharon also consoles her. Huma takes an excuse. Swayam gets a call, and says he is just coming outside. He goes out.
Kriya stood with a young man, when Swayam comes there. Swayam thinks who is he, he hasn’t seen him before, he seems quite close to her. Kriya waves Swayam and takes a leave from the man. She comes to him excited, and asks if everyone is in academy.
Karma knocks the washroom door, as Huma cries inside. He says she must hear what he wants to say. Karma says she must not take her mom seriously. Sometimes, those whom we loves are annoyed the most by us. He says her mom’s love is just like his love for her. Huma doesn’t reply, Karma leaves with a heavy heart. Huma opens the door, and runs to hug him.
Swayam comes to the rehearsal hall, and announces a surprise for them all. He asks them to guess who has come, Kriya comes in. They were all shocked to see her, takes a moment then goes to hug her. They ask about her pain, she says it is better. Sara watches Kriya, Kriya goes to her and ask she must be Sara, she has heard a lot about her. Sara forwards hand for her but Kriya hugs her. She says she is glad to know she is a part of the gang. Kriya asks about Rey, is he vanished in her arrival’s happiness. Bharat says he is in a bad mood these days, but Nil stops him.
Rey goes jogging, thinking about Oberoi’s words. Huma’s mother’s words echo in his mind.
They all tell Kriya about the contract. Kriya was angry what they were thinking about. Kriya says she will talk to Rey, Vicky says they have taken the decision. Sharon says if they cancel the contract, they will have to cancel the event as well. Swayam asks them to celebrate, but Kriya leaves saying she needs some time to think.
In the basket ball court, Rey was playing when Swayam comes there. He tells Rey Kriya has returned. Rey was excited; Swayam says she left some time ago. Rey says she left without meeting him. Swayam asks him to call her, but Rey says when she doesn’t have time for him why call her. Swayam leaves the court, Rey was frustrated.
At night, Sara goes in the cab thinking about Kriya. Sharon holds Sara’s shoulder. They boys were in college when Karma gets a call. It was a call from London dance academy, he was invited for interview. They call him tomorrow, he asks if he can come some other day but they apologize. Karma was worried that the event is beginning tomorrow, and he will have to go to London tomorrow as well.
Vicky comes cheering, that their costumes have arrived. He says this time, they will select the costumes not Rey or Swayam. They all stood wearing girl’s costumes, in flashlights. The guard switch the lights on, they all shout looking at themselves. Vicky says there are no boys’ clothes in this, and calls Rey.
Oberoi says he has changed to costumes, as he wants only girls to dance in this event. They were annoyed at his attitude. Swayam says he can’t interfere this much in their dance performances. Oberoi says it is his money, and his event. Rey says he can’t interfere; they have a standard, his groups girls won’t dance. Oberoi says he will just tear the contract here, Kriya calls from behind no! He doesn’t need to do it all, she is there. She takes the agreement, and says she will fulfill the formality. She takes a lighter and burns the agreement. They all try to stop her, Oberoi was red in anger. Rey watches Kriya burn the contract.

PRECAP: Kriya introduces them all to Raj, a doctor in US. Raj says he has heard a lot about them from Kriya, specially Rey.

Update Credit to: Sona

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