Dil Dosti Dance 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karma agrees that if he loses today, he won’t dance again for betting. The challenge begin. As the competition end, everyone congratulate Swayam. Huma comes to hug him, when Sharon takes her place and hugs Swayam hard. Karma’s friend comes to him with his jacket, while Karma watched Swayam celebrating. He comes to Swayam and says that you were good. Sharon comes in between and reminds him that he is still a student. Swayam says that he accepted the face off only to get his student back, the one who was desperate to win the dance-mania. He gives Karma the hand, but Karma hugs him instead. The club manager gives the money of betting to Swayam, but Swayam says that he know this is illegal and they must not do it again. Karma leaves.

Ishika was lost in thoughts while Vishnu talked to her on the table. He asks did Raghv do anything to her. She says that he himself is worth a pity these days, and tells him what his Dadu did to him in VP’s office. Vishnu says that we must not even talk about him.

Raghv comes home drunk. Dida asks him why did he drink. Raghv asks what is the time. She says it is 12.30, but why does it matter. He says it matters, because today was the day when his dad left them. Dida tries to tell him that their dad didn’t leave because of Dadu. Raghv says that he slapped him the same way he had slapped Raghv in VP’s office. If he hadn’t insulted him in front of the office, he wouldn’t have drunk and drove so fast to leave him. Dida hugs him, while Dadu hears this all and weeps silently.

Vishnu tells Ishika that he bought two tickets for a picnic with his office mates and wants them to meet his girl-friend. He holds Ishika’s hand, but she gets rid of it. He leaves to sleep.

Nil asks Vicky which restaurant we will go? He shows him Ask.com for the restaurants and their review.

Swayam tells Sharon not to put onions in his sandwich. Sharon asks why should she make a sandwich for him as Huma hugged him so well? Swayam says that this is the problem. He hugs Sharon from the back. She was angry on him for stopping her to say something to Karma too. She goes to take a shower. In the shower the water stops coming, she calls Swayam. He comes to the room door; she comes out wrapped in towel with soap on mouth. Swayam is lost looking at her, and tells her to turn the knob at the left. She say she tried everything, he must do it himself and calls him in. Swayam fixes the problem; she slips in the bathroom when he holds her and both get wet in the shower.

Ishika thinks how will Sharon react when she will tell her that she can’t come for rehearsals on weekends. Vishnu calls her to remind her. Huma comes there and asks about Raghv. Ishika denies and tells him he remains upset from when the slapping incident took place.

Raghv was trying hard to open his locker, Karma comes and helps him. Karma says that he didn’t complain against him so that he could be insulted like this. Raghv says he had already told him he doesn’t care.

PRECAP: Sharon calls Swayam to says that she misses him. She tells him to wait for surprises as she has many mores for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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