Dil Dosti Dance 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey asks it is Kriya who has to say. She is speechless. She puts a brush but misses it as rey skips. She runs after her and put the brush in his eyes. She insists him to sit and let him see his eye. He look into her eyes as she is checking his closely. Swayam is following Sharon. She turns into the other way of the corridor than washroom. He goes after her and follows her. he falls down and she holds him from shoulder telling her that his following afraid her more but she came here only because she knew he was after her, she tells him to take her to washroom.

Rey asks Kriya that she promised to say whatever he would tell her. she says you can’t be serous and she is distracting her. he asks why is it that she gets distracted only by him, she looks down. He asks again. Nil and Vicky comes in. Rey tells them she said he distracts her, so I was asking how do I distract her. Kriya leaves the room, Rey follows.

They were all practicing dance in the hall. Sharon and Swayam dances together, while Rey and Kriya gets together. Rey gets bottles and pizzas for them. They went to sleep. Cell phone rings and Rey wakes up. He sees it is Ruhi’s number on Swayam’s cell phone. He answers it. Ruhi says Swayam, you have to come meet me right now, she says that if he won’t come she will turn his friends the way their costumes turns to ashes and he well know that what she can do. She knows all his goods and bad, she can tell their hacking act to anyone and get them to jail the way he got her to hospital. She says she is also in the college the way they are, on the terrace of the old building. Rey thinks he should tell Swayam, then thinks he will insist upon going alone. He thinks of Kriya then thinks he can’t do this; it is he who told them to hack college id so he should end this Ruhi’s topic and goes alone. Kriya sees him leaving and calls him. He tells her quietly that he is going nearby, it is urgent. He will be back in 10 minutes. She holds his hand and asks you are having some problem please tell. He says it is nothing, you wake them up. She thinks he is hiding something. Kriya wakes everyone up as her alarm rings. She tells Swayam she is going to washroom and asks him to wake the rest. He sees Sharon, goes to her and picks her hair. She suddenly wakes up, he puts his hand on her mouth to prevent her shout. She asks what he was doing. He says he wanted to say good morning in her ear as she was looking cute. She puts her hands around his shoulders and asks doesn’t she look cute awake. He says she looks cute anyway. He backs up and they both laugh and soon as Simmi wakes up. They say good morning to her together. He asks did she sleep well, she says she was irritated by mosquitoes. Swayam tells her to wake up others as he and Sharon will bring something for them to eat.

Rey comes to the old building in his car. He thinks had she called him to a place he had called Sharon to. He thinks hasn’t he mistaken coming alone. He goes inside, there was a large staircase. He goes upstairs. He falls on a stair as they were broken.

Simmi wakes Nil, he smiles and says Dipu let me sleep. She asks who is deepu? He says it is Deepika Padukone. She says how cheap and gets annoyed asking did he ever watch her in his dream. He hugs her saying you are my reality. Vicky wakes up shouting, while Kriya scolds them that they can’t let anyone know they are there. She says if anyone comes here, we will say there is a charity show. Swayam asks Kriya where Rey is. She hopes everything stays fine today.

PRECAP: Ruhi tells Rey to call Swayam else she will push one button and the mail with the proof will go straight to VP’s account. Rey says he won’t call Swayam. Swayam calls him then, the call gets attended and Swayam listens to Rey yelling Ruhi Ruhi as she hits him. He falls off the terrace.

Update Credit to: Niki

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