Dil Dosti Dance 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th December 2013 Written Update

Rey is recalling his past memories with Kriya in the fire exit.He is upset that Kriya used him fot his position and image.He recalls the moment Kriya told him she always hated him and she didnt mention his name in her last letter.He says it was difficult for him to move on but now he is not the old Rey.He won’t let her use him and hurt his friends.Kriya comes to fire exit.

Sharon thinks Swayam should explain her why he hide about being in touch with Kriya when they were a couple.She enters boys locker room and asks Swayam to answer her question .Swayam tells her to leave as its boys room.She is tells him she wont go without answers.Swayam agrees to talk to her and they go to abandoned corridor .Swayam says he dont want to talk there.They share an intense eyes lock.Sharon

says she wont leave him till he dont listen to her.Sharon asks him why he didnt tell her about Kriya.He says she won’t understand his bond with kriya.Sharon says how could he hide things when they were a couple.Swayam says according to her they were never a couple.Thats what she told in front of others.Sharon says he has changed.Swayam says Sharon is still the same who dont understand others POV.Swayam leaves the place leaving a hurt Sharon behind.

Kriya comes to Fire exit and tells Rey she wants to talk to him.Rey looks angry .He moves towards her.Kriya is confused how to start conversation.She recalls their fire exit moments .Rey comes to her and says not to take his name and insult it.Kriya looks hurt and Rey leaves the place.

Sharon and Rey goes to VP’s cabin.They meet Board of Directors there.BOD tell them NY dance institute tie up will be a big thing for college.Swayam also joins them.VP sir tells them to prepare a dance performance with Kriya.Sharon tries to avoid dance with Kriya and says they have exams.VP sir tells her they have to multi task like Kriya.Sharon gets angry when VP gives example of Kriya but doesnt express it.They accept to perform with Kriya and leave the place.

Kriya is in canteen .She is thinking about his friends being upset with her.She decides to mend her mistakes and get back her friends.Amar and Bharat netr the canteen.Kriya greets them and ask about them.They avoid her and sit in another place.She recalls her dance with her friends.She thinks she will try to talk to them.They avoid her again and leave the place.She thinks why all are avoiding her.She decides to get back all her friends.She has only 3 months to make Rey’s dream come true .

Swayam,Sharon and Rey are walking in the corridor .Shron expresses her anger about everyone’s over excitement about Kriya.She says she dont want to work with her.Rey supports her and says they couldn’t deny in front of VP sir but he dont want to work with Kriya.Sharon says she dont want to attend her work shops.Swayam asks them why are they being so hyper.Rey says he is not hyper so he didnt tell anything to VP.He says he will go and meet VP sir and tell him that they dont want to work with Kriya.Swayam stops him.He says their wishes with Kriya are personal and they should keep them aside and be professional.Rey says dance is personal for him so he dont want to dance with any person.Swayam says Sharon she is having issues with Kriya but she is professional when it comes to dance.Why she not behaving professionally now.Sharon says she dont want to be professional this time.Swayam says why they are not understanding him.Sharon says she cant let kriya be dance in charge when she is there.So she cant cooperate with her.Swayam says they are not thinking about their dance academy and their dream just because Kriya is related to it.Rey says this is the reason.Why Swayam is not understanding as he is their best friend.Swayam says Rey is not in mood to listen ,he tells Sharon to think logically.Sharon says he will make everyone think as its about his friend Kriya.Swayam says it not about Kriya,its about their project.Sharon says he knows what is the reason.Swayam says she is crossing her limits.Sharon says Swayam who always gives advice to others was in touch with kriya without her knowledge.Rey is shocked to know this fact.He questions Swayam if Sharon is right.If Swayam was really in touch with Kriya all this while and didnt tell him.Swayam tries to explain but Rey says he got his answer and leaves the place.Sharo realizes it was wrong on her side to tell this in front of Rey. Swayam gets upset and says Sharon thanks for telling it to Rey .Sharon tries to apologize but he leaves.She thinks everything is messed up now.

Rey is alone on the terrace.He is thinking about Kriya.He thinks why he fails in every relatioship be it love or friendship.Swayam hide this truth from him for so long because he knew Kriya likes him more than Rey.

Precap – Kriya and Rey in basket ball court.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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