Dil Dosti Dance 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma says what? You stole? Huma says no, had I stolen I would never have told. He says that you did this so that I couldn’t join the academy. She says that I just wanted that you don’t take back from D3. He says he wants his money or he will complain. She says is he a child to do complain for every small thing. They both argue upon the going into the girl’s locker room.
Raghv says it is his last wish she takes admission in St. Luois acadmy. She says that why this wish, he says that he wants to see this beautiful Ishika more beautiful. He explains he isn’t flirting. She says she ever thought, he doesn’t care about anyone. He says that life is so serious already; if he gets serious too he might get other tumors as well. She keeps hand on his mouth. He takes hers. He says it is time for class. She says she wants to fulfil his wish, he turns back and asks what wish. She says she will join St. Luois academy. He cheers really, now his tumor reports will get fine. (The tone says Sorry). He says that he will get well in happiness. She holds his arm saying he will get well. As she leaves, he cheers again saying I did it finally.
Huma comes into the locker room. The girls were complaining to Anamika that there possessings are missing. She says there have been thefts in both boys and girls lockers. Huma says she also wants to check her locker. She says her money is missing, Karma comes in worrying. Anamika asks what happened with his face, and what is happening here. Huma says we brought the dance academy fee as we are freshers. Anamika says that police must be coming in sometime soon, and tells the peon to seal the locker rooms and keep the CCTV footage ready. Karma takes Huma along.
Sharon is worried when is Ishika going to come. She thinks Karma is joining St. Luios by the way. She thinks what if Swayam doesn’t get his student. All the friends come in and shouts a surprise for her. Sharon says her things aren’t getting solved. They all discuss what Swayam sent them for, to asks what she wants for her birthday, as Sharon gets a call. They all says that sharon’s birthday is approaching and they want a treat. Sharon recalls it is her birthday, she forgot. The asks what present she wants. She says that her present is going wrong, she isn’t sure about future, she wants a break. Sharon asks where is Swayam. Simmi says he is also busy like her. They get a message that there has been stealing in the locker room, they all leave.
Karma takes Huma to a corner. He says that he can understand this reverse psychology that she did this drama. She says that she isn’t ashamed as she hasn’t been wrong. Karma says that Avantika called the police, seeing CCTV camera footage. Huma says she must have to go out of here to return his money. He says he also has no time, as the admission dates have also missed. While going he says if he doesn’t get his money, her name will be in the suspended student’s list. Huma gets worried and think where the money went and what if the footage comes there; how embarrassing. She says damn, everyone will take her wrong. Only her mother will believe her.
Ishika sits in the café. She thinks about calling Vishnu, she says she has decided to join the academy. he says thanks, she took him seriously. She says the credit is Raghv’s as well. He told her that life is too short and one should get the little happiness. Vishnu gets lost. He asks does she really want to do this, she says that she wants the fee and its expensive. He says her baba arranged all for her. He says he will get her money, she says it is the last date. He says he will send someone today. She says she was thinking that it is so much money; Vishnu says it is all yours, I only am a care taker. She asks why is he saying so. She sees the police and says she will talk to him later.
Anamika tells inspector its been shameful. The inspector says he will inspect the matter carefully. Vicky and friends come in but the guards stops them. Bharat says that the new people are really happening. Huma struggles getting in, the guard stops her. Anamika tells them they have the footage of the corridor. Huma gets worried.

PRECAP: Swayam says he want to do something special for Sharon. They all suggest he should propose her for marriage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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