Dil Dosti Dance 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam looks at Sharon, but she makes up that her mom doesn’t want that if they lose the competition they will have to be ashamed in front of media about the publicity we did. She asks him if he is angry, he says he should be but what else can her mother say. He says that you should tell your mom that we compete only ourselves. He tells her that we are competitors but you have all the resourses but we have that garage- that too till Bharat’s dad wants. Sharon says your problem is, you work according to people’s wishes.

Karma is asked to come inside the office, the manager invites him and says he doesn’t listen to anyone except you and asked to run away again. Karma asks to meet him. It was a guy, frightened. He hugs Karma and requests him to take along; he won’t touch the drugs again. The nurses brings his medicines, Karma requests him to take them for his sake, asks him to lie on the bed as he goes to talk to doctor. The man falls asleep.

Raghv looks at his dad’s picture and says he won’t forgive dada ji for doing what he did to you. He says good night papa, and cry hugging the picture.
The doctor says that your brother gets calm seeing you, otherwise he is much aggressive. Karma asks if he can take him out. The doctor says he isn’t ready yet and asks him to ask his parent visit here. Karma says they will die watching him like this. The doctor says he is lucky to have a younger brother like him, and asks for the two installments.

Huma tells Karma on his step. He argues her. Swayam comes in, he asks if he can’t take criticism why he came here. Karma says he takes criticism from those who are better that him. Swayam says you have to prove yourself best. Swayam asks him to prove himself best, before the competition. Karma asks who will challenge him? Swayam says he will. Karma says that I will select time and venue. Swayam says that if you lose you will have to do what I will say. Karma agrees.

Sharon tells her mom she isn’t concerned about the strategy of D3. She comes to academy to see the rehearsals going on. She says she must not take tension if they practice like that, she then notices Ishika sitting on the side stool. She asks her why is she sitting here? She says that Raghv isn’t here so she can’t practice her lifts and steps. Sharon asks did she call him. His number was switched off. Sharon asks what is wrong with you people, why are you people taking it so lightly. Ishika says I know why Raghv is absent, can’t they go somewhere. Sharon takes her to her cabin.

Karma talks on phone, and says that I am a champion of underground dance challenge. He asks the man to bet on him, and fixes the place. He thinks he will get some money from betting for his brother’s hospital.

Simmi asks Vicky did he find some answers for the questions Swayam asked him. Vicky tells him Askme.com application.

Sharon asks Ishika was he really slapped. Ishika says she isn’t sure he will come here. Raghv comes in the cabin, and apologizes. Sharon says she isn’t annoyed, but when she knew what happened to him she is glad he came here. Raghv asks did she tell her all that and looks at Ishika. She says don’t worry; it won’t go out of the cabin. Raghv says that he is bearing him from childhood; it’s not a big deal. He loves this way, he explains he got late because he lost his phone. He looks at Ishika saying he isn’t among the people that leave academy on small matters. Raghv asks Ishika to go and dance.

Swayam says to a student that she must join D3 next year. Karma comes there and asks Swayam he thinks D3 will survive till next year. Swayam says it will have to, or you will also be nowhere.

PRECAP: Swayam and team arrive at the underground party. Swayam denies dancing, but upon the challenge Sharon says is he won’t then she will accept the challenge. Karma says he doesn’t compete with girls. Swayam asks him to watchout, but when Karma misbehaves Swayam accepts the challenge.

Update Credit to: Sona

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