Dil Dosti Dance 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The gang comes to class and are nervous. Swayam says everything will be good. An attender comes in and tells the VP called them to the auditorium. The girls says means they have come. Rey says the moment we were waiting for is here. The gang reaches auditorium and decides to sit in front. Sharon comes and Simmi who was sitting beside Swayam and Sharon takes her seat next to Swayam. VP walks in wishing them a good morning saying the exchange student from New York Institute of dance is here. Vp asks for a big round of applause . Vp adds they must be thinking where is the student when she is here. The thing that connects them to New York institute of Dance is the girl will be giving her intro through dance performance.

Kriya’s performance starts with a mask that is similar to

first meet in New Year part. Rey remembers this and is shocked seeing her dance. The whole gang stands and applauds saying it was a brilliant performance . Vp walks to stage and welcomes the exchange student on stage and says it is Miss Kriya Ghai. The gang is shocked listening to this. Kriya removes her mask and Vp says your ex- batch mate who went to New York to presume dance. Rey thinks Kriya is again in front of me. Vp says he new it was Kriya but wanted to give the gang a surprise. The gang thinks Kriya reached New York how. Sharon tells blo*dy ditcher which Swayam hears. The gang also says she left without telling her team. Sharon thinks so the voice on phone was of Kriya. VP says that Kriya is one of the top student of New York Institute of dance and is here to conduct workshops for 3 months. Your potential will show if the institute will want to have tie up with college or not. This is the chance and grab it. Vp leaves saying Kriya can meet her friends. Kriya walks down the stage when Rey has flashes of their meeting during the New year party and RDX Party. Rey turns his face away. Kriya asks Rey how is he. He stays silent. She asks how did he like her dance. Rey says great job, you very well know to take advantage of others and reached New York.He moves out saying Great job Kriya Ghai. Next in line is Swayam whom Kriya sees and smiles and Swayam just blinks his eyes . She then moves to Sharon who tells her just because you are from New York does not mean you can judge us. We will not listen to you. Kriya says she is not here to judge them. Sharon replies with she can not even do and moves out. When Kriya is about to speak with Vicky Nil asks who is she. I’m not able to remember her.Nil replies with the one who left our friends and ditched them to such ones we will neither say hi nor bye. Kriya asks Rinni how is she when Rinni asks her back about her. Simmi pulls Rinni and they both move out.

Sharon is walking in corridor when she here few girls speaking that Kriya is back and she has learnt dance from New York. They says where was Sharon ruling this college but now the attention will be on Kriya. Sharon is about to go and warn them when a girl comes in asking Sharon to asks Kriya what are the things that will be needed for workshop. Sharon tells she is not Kriya’s assistant. The girl replies with Vp sir asked her to speak with Sharon as Kriya is the guest in college and must be taken care. Sharon thinks Kriya here I can not believe it. The behanji reached till New York. So the international number was of Kriya’s whom Swayam had in contact. He hid it from me even when we were a couple. He must give an explanation for this

Kriya is in the terrace crying. She tells herself why is she upset she knew her friends will react this way. In fact she must be happy that she knows them well. She knows how they will react to any situation. Swayam comes in asking you are here. I was searching for you in whole college. Swayam asks her whats up and this was a pleasant surprise. Kriya says not for the rest. Swayam says they will take time to accept and understand. He says he was about to ask Kriya about who is coming from New York dance institute and he did too but as usual the network issues or her phone was busy. Kriya says the plan to come to India was so fast that she could not tell him. Swayam says they will meet later in their joint and have bujji pav. Kriya smiles and Swayam teases saying hearing bujji pav you are smiling. Swayam asks her what happened to London school of dance when Kriya says she left it. Swayam asks what you left such a big chance . Kriya says she did not want to loose the opportunity of going close to her friends. To fulfill Rey’s dream chance. Swayam asks is she doing it for Rey. Kriya says no she is doing it for herself to correct her mistakes. Swayam asks so you left such a big chance. Kriya asks Swayam for a promise to not let anyone know about London school of art and dance. They must not feel that I have sacrificed for them. She ass Swayam will he support her. Swayam nods and says she has become very mature. Kriya asks Swayam where is Rey. He must be very upset. Swayam says Rey gets upset with the ones who he is close to.

The gang is in canteen thinking they can’t believe Kriya was in New York and has come back. She has changed a lot. She was a nobody and has come back after making up something. They speak about how can they forget how depressed was Rey after she left. Barath and Amar comes in asking heard the dance was splendid who is it. The team says Kriya when they are shocked. Simmi explains that she will be doing a 3 moth workshop on dance with them and Vp wants us to cooperate with her. Barath says I do not want to work with her. Amar says again she will leave without letting us know. The gang decides to do a Non cooperation moment against Kriya.

Precap: Rey and Kriya meet in fire exit. Sharon tells Swayam until he hears her she won’t let him go. She asks him You were always in touch with Kriya didn’t you.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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