Dil Dosti Dance 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Rey comes to Swayam. He apologizes Rey that he cannot help him. Rey says don’t say anything, and cheers him up that he at least enjoys his company. Swayam asks him who he was trying to betray. Was he doing it for the affiliation or did he want to bring Kriya back. Rey negates him and says that all of us likes to dance and what will us friends do if this ends.

Nil and Vicky were in dancing hall. Nil asks him that he was trying to talk to him for such a time, why didn’t he answer him. Vicky says what the problem with him is, he says the more distant you stay with people better it is for you. Simmi listens and asks Vicky if the system is running fine.

Rey was coming downstairs thinking why Swayam thinks he was doing this all for Kriya. All light went off, he sees Kriya in front of him. She says “no!” He goes forward. Kriya tells him that you are not doing it for me. He asks if he was thinking about her. She says ‘obviously.’ Kriya tells him that he was doing it for his friends and she believed in his success. They dance. Rey comes out of the flashback and thinks that if Kriya says he was definitely doing this for his friends.

Ruhi follows Swayam and taps his shoulder first on the right shoulder then on the left and hides. He asks what she was doing her. She says he left so early so she was worried. She also called him on cell phone but he didn’t receive. She tells him that she was sorry about their affiliation. Ruhi tells him that today she was about to fall from stairs today, she must get an X-ray now. Swayam gets a call and take excuse front her. She thinks why he is worried today.

Swayam says on the call its fine. He comes back to Ruhi; she tells him that their dancing stadium was getting demolished too. He was worried and goes to see it. As he arrives there, he sees that the hall had been demolished; he asks the contractor why he had done so. He tells him that the Principal ordered them to construct a public library in that place.

They were in the base room. Sharon gets a call and leaves. It was doctor who told her that the medicines she mailed him were taken by patients who are gets mad at little things. Their behavior gets rude of they don’t take it. Sharon remembers how Ruhi had told her that she had not seen her madness yet. She disconnects the call. Rey comes and tells her Swayam didn’t agree.

Vicky was working on the system. Simmi was worried if anyone gets their IP address they must be in trouble. He tells her it was their personal address and thus cannot be hacked. Someone was heading towards the room, Rey gets alert and they all hide behind the table. It was the security guard asking who was there. They kept hiding. Again someone arrives; he comes closer to them and asks Guys! Rey recognizes it was Swayam. Rey asks him how he was here. He tells him that they had demolished the stadium and he now realizes that he was right, they will have to do something about it no matter it is the wrong way. Vicky gets involved in the systems again. The hacking process did not complete. All were worried. Rey tells him to try again.

PRECAP: Swayam and Rey were happily heading downstairs happily. Swayam says that you are this much happy for the first time. Rey says yes I am very happy today. Swayam says right now you have only heard that she is coming, what will happen when she will really be here. Rey thinks how he will receive him.

Update Credit to: Niki

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