Dil Dosti Dance 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sara thinks about her times with Rey, in the window. She lies on the floor with his sketches, and dances looking at them, crying. She was crying, saying she must tell Rey everything, whether he accepts her or not. He has a choice to know, she has started it and she must end it also.
Karma and Huma practice in the college. Simmi appreciates their attempt, and says they can all do a concluding step which they must think about. She leaves, Amar suggests a dance step saying they all keep on standing behind always, and the love birds come to front. Bharat takes Amar as partner, bends him for doing Dil Dosti dance, Vicky laughs. Bharat drops Amar.
Rey and Swayam come to sponsor’s house, there was his niece wedding. He asks them to choreograph a dance, his daughter wants to perform in

Sangeet. Rey says he is short of time, but sponsor blackmails him. Swayam points Kavita, the date there. Rey teases him, Kavita comes to touch Swayam’s feet and complains he didn’t call her again. She says they have meet in a way, she can say they have life time’s association. Rey gives background music to them, teasing Swayam. Swayam holds her back, and says he has urgent work. Rey says Kavita herself is really urgent, and sends Swayam to feed him Jalebis and leaves Swayam with her. He holds Rey back, calling where he is leaving her, tries to explain Kavita and takes Rey away making up.
Amar shows the boys a girl, to be his partner. They mock him, for calling the name wrong.
Rey makes fun of Swayam. He says his mood just improved. Swayam says she is pshcho, and brings Rey to the work they are here for. Rey says we don’t have a choice. Swayam goes to washroom, Rey thinks he has to call Kriya. She will leave him, but if she asks him to leave Sara what then. He anyways have to tell her.
Huma asks Sara in the washroom, that she is really confused. She doesn’t know what is happening to her, but does she think he is the right choice. Sara asks does she wants to give him a second chance. Sharon comes there, and says they should always work out petty disputes in relationships. Huma says she can never forget that he lied to her. Sara says she is right, relationships shouldn’t start with lies. Huma asks is she alright, Sara says she is confused herself. Huma leaves, Sharon asks Sara to relax and takes her along.
Vicky and Bharat watch a video, Amar shows them a locket and says it is really powerful one. A girls comes to you herself wearing it. They both mock Amar, he gets angry. All three of them wear it, and prays holding it. Vicky asks he needs a hot girl. Nil stood there posing, Vicky and Bharat take him, and return Amar’s lockets. Amar asks them to hold it back, Nil brings Amar to his lap as well. The door opens, four girls enter the rehearsal hall. Amar says his Baba ji has sent them, Vicky says it is really miraculous and wears the lockets. Swayam and Rey come to rehearsal hall, and introduces them with Nisha and her friends. She is their sponsor’s daughter, and they have to teach them dance. Simmi says they have no time, and notices the boys lost. Simmi scolds Nil for staring at the girl, Nil says he thought she was there. Simmi beats him, while the other boys were still lost and says they will train the girls. Swayam asks if they are sure, they say don’t worry. Rey leaves it to them. The girls slap and beat them, while practicing.
Sharon and Sara come there, Sharon tells Sara to tell Rey everything.

PRECAP: Sara tells Rey she isn’t pregnant, Rey leaves. Sara stops him, but he makes her quiet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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