Dil Dosti Dance 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th September 2013 Written Update

Swayam says Rey needs to stop all this. Rey says OK he won’t force them to dance anymore
and says they must move to canteen.The team agrees and all move towards canteen.Swayam says he has some work he will wind it and come. The gang is in the canteen when Sharon says today’s fest went well.The first day began in a great way and its great.Swayam comes in and joins them back.Sharon shouts at him saying that he must make stalls ready.Swayam replies it would be done.The convo continues when Sharon says she has the right to ask.Swayam replies saying she has right to ask and not shout.Sharon asks him when did she shout.Swayam asks then what was that.The team speaks seeing this and Swayam asks for a cup of tea.He gets a call just then and moves out.Simmi asks Sharon now she

must be happy as Aashi is not here. Sharon says it does not affect her.Swayam comes back and informs the team that there is a last minute entry of KR college.The gang is shocked hearing Shivam’s entry.Sharon remembers the moments at Shivam’s party and same with Swayam too.They ask if it can be canceled when Swayam says its official. Rey sees Sharon still shocked and asks if she is Ok. She replies saying there is no time for personal discussion.The first day went good and they are coming so they will host as usual adn not let KR College entry affect them.They get seated when Sharon shouts at Swayam for not arranging the stalls.Swayam keeps his tea cup and moves.Barath scolds Sharon that 24 hours she keeps on ordering his friend.Sharon says making stalls is his responsibility when the boys say she must volunteer it too.Rey says she must have let him have tea atleast. The boys says if only he is working the boys get extra score.Simmi says this can’t happen .Rinni and Simmi are about to go to help Swayam when Sharon moves.

Sharon is in girls locker room when she remembers about Shivam.She feels just his coming has affected her so much.She think when I wanted to be away he came close and now he is moving away when I want him close.She cries and is about to move out when she gets her asthma attack and rushes to take her inhaler.She comes near the atrium when she hers Swayam working with the men.She stands by the door and notices them all.Swayam is all engrossed in his work.She dreams about going to close to him and taking up this pencil that is stuck behind his ear.The Swaron tune being player in BG. She them feels as if Swayam keeps the pencil in between her ears all the while having the eye contact.She comes out of this.Swayam walks forward and founds tea placed there.He asks the men is it their tea when they say they had it.Sharon thinks before he used to know her presence from far and now he is not able to recognise it t all.Why did she leave him to go far off.Swayam thnks now even the signs are wrong.Sharon feels bad that even after seeing the glass he is not able to guess it is her who kept the tea.Rey just then calls Sharon and says she is here.Sharon says she has come here to supervise stalls.Rey says since its late he was about to go and though od dropping her as its late but since she has work Swayam will drop her.Sharon says she will come and moves out with Rey.

Swayam thinks Sharon brought tea for me.A worker is abut to take tea when Swayam gets it from him saying its special tea for him and few thinks are understood late. A guy come just then and says they know KR team is coming but not the members count and where to allot them.Swayam says give them the last slot. Swayam thinks..Shivam’s entry and that too when there are issues between me and Sharon.Sharon does not show but she is affected.I cant let my ego and attitude come and affect this.Whatever happens I’ll make sure Shivam stays away from Sharon.

Precap;Shivam’s entry…

Update Credit to: asmaju

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