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Sharon’s mom brings her to a room. She asks how is it. Sharon asks did she renovate her cabin. Her mom says she got made a new cabin for her. Sharon asks what was the need for this. Her mom says you are the head of this project, you should have your own cabin. Her mom offers her the chair, she excitedly takes it. Her mom says that with the chair comes responsibility and power. Sharon says it is strange that she came to this cabin chair from the classroom chair.
Huma and Raghav wonder whom to ask. Swayam comes there. Huma asks him that they need some information. Swayam says if he will know will definitely tell them. Huma asks Raghav who that Hunter girl was. He says her name was Sharon Rai Prakash, do you know her. Swayam says everyone in the college knows her, she is the diva of the college, and dancer in college team and is also heading St. Louis dance academy. Huma asks does she have any connection on the college. Swayam says she is the college student. She asks any other family connection. Swayam says her mom is in the board of directors of the college, and she is the head of the dance project. He asks what happened, Huma says that she was telling Raghav that girls have a strong sixth sense. Sharon comes and hears this. Huma says that she became the project head only because her mom had connections here. Sharon asks Really?
Rey, Vicky and Nil were in the locker room, Bharat and Amar comes and tells them that there is Sharon’s cabin along with VP’s office. Rey says that she isn’t immature to prove anything to anyone. He says that it is good for her that she has got a cabin.
Swayam stops Sharon but she says she will handle. She asks Huma what she said. Huma says that she wont be able to listen it again. Sharon says you were right in saying that one shouldn’t judge another before knowing the reality. Huma says that now we all know that you have high connections. Raghav says to Sharon that you are right and Huma is talking just nonsense. But Sharon says I wondered who allowed you into this college, you needed to go to a grooming school where you were taught manners. Huma says why you don’t ask you mom to start a grooming academy where you will be the head again. Raghav takes Huma saying she is our senior, while Swayam holds Sharon as she shouted at the juniors.
Huma comes and sees all the chairs are reserved, she says that one needs the connections here too. She sees a chair get vacant, and holds it. Karma comes and sits on the chair but it wasn’t there so he fell. Everyone laughs while Huma apologizes him. He isn’t ready to listen, and says that everything happens here by mistake. Raghav comes and asks Karma to join them. He takes his food and leaves saying them to watch out. He goes to a table Ishika was sitting on and asks her permission to sit there. Huma asks Raghav do you have any self respect to ask him sit with us. Raghav watches Karma and Ishika introducing each other.
In the dancing hall, Swayam says to Sharon that why is a fresher’s talk effecting her so much. She says had it affected her, she must have been out of the college. He says if she isn’t affecting you, why you packed your bag; she is a fresher and a bit impulsive like you. Swayam says that you cheek are even redder than her. She goes to the mirror, and says she doesn’t know. He asks were you looking at me then? She turns around and smiles. He says he wanted this smile on her face. She runs after him, and he takes her in his hands. Peon arrives and says your mom called. She says I will be there. She laughs, while Swayam says how your mom can have such great timings that she always come in between our romantic scenes. Sharon says she is sure he will find a way to make her mom happy.
Raghav says to Huma that something is cooking there. Raghav discusses a plan with her and urges her to help her. She says that right now she is under-pressure about the results of academy. She tells him that her ammi knows that her auditions went well, but she doesn’t know about her argument with the selector. Raghav says that he can handle Sharon easily and assure her admission if she helps him. She shakes his hand.
Sharon’s mom gives her the list of the students and ask her to place on notice board that the fee must be submitted till next week. Sharon asks did she see the auditons, has she selected the right candidates. Her mom says she has faith in her daughter. Sharon leaves, her mom thinks thanks God she got out of Swayam and the gang. Swayam knocks the door and asks her for a favor. She says first they approach out students, now want our favor. Swayam says we apologizes to Sharon about it. She asks what help does he need. He says that we have organized a fresher’s party and VP is on leave, can you be the guest of honor there.
She says what she will do in the party and she is busy. He says that if she gives trophies to freshers and say some words for them, the party will be good. She agrees and says she will be there for sometime only. He leaves the invitation with her; she sees it. Swayam thinks he saw the positive smile on Sharon’s mom face for the first time.
Sharon slips in the corridor; Raghav holds her and says she seems good upright. She sees him and say thank you. Raghav tells the students to give Sharon way. She follows him and says thank you again. She asks doesn’t you wait for the result. Raghav says the best result stands if front of me. Sharon says if you concentrate on dance more than the talks, you will be a good dancer. Raghav says this diva will make me crazy one day. Huma comes and urges him to go watch the results. Raghav tells her to wait, but she says she isn’t the one to stay behind. Karma and Huma comes across, they argue and Huma pushes him such that they fall on each other. He stands up and gives her hand. She doesn’t take it, he gives up and gives her space to see the name. He finds her and cheers. He says he can’t see her name, they must have forgotten her; better luck next time. Huma recalls her mom’s promises.
PRECAP: Huma comes to deter Sharon. She shouts at her to get out. Rey thinks they didn’t get one potential student, Swayam says the St Louis rejected students will come to them. Huma comes and ask if she can give auditions here.

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