Dil Dosti Dance 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th January 2014 Written Update

Villagers recognize D3 gang .They start blaming gang for cheating them though disguise.They demand in front of village head to throw the team out of the village.Village head remains silent.Rey says they will leave the place if villagers want them to leave.Village head tells them to stop.He says they dont have to go anywhere.He tells villagers that he gave them permission to stay.He judged the them on their attire.That was a mistake.He tells them not to repeat the mistake.He compliments the team about their dancing skills.He announces that their dance made him realize that culture depends on values and not attire.He asks the villagers if they liked the dance.Women start appreciating their dance and later men join in.Village head invites the team for the event and give them permission to do the video shoot.

Next village women perform traditional dance.Team enjoys their dance and take photographs.D3 gang join them in dancing.Rey and Kriya share an eye lock while dancing.The village guy Alot tried to be friendly with Sharon and Swayam notices this.Sharon senses Swayam beng upset about Alok and tries to irritate him more.Village head says their dance was great .But function is not over.He invites them for a special feast.Swayam talks to Sharon about Alok that she is giving wrong signals to him.Swayam says if Alok tries to misbehave ,situation will be out of control.Sharon reacts to him saying why is he concerned about her .He is not her boy friend or friend.If Alok tries to misbehave she can handle it.She asks Swayam rudely if he is jelous.Swayam says he was not jealous but being protective.But she cant understand his pure emotion.He says ,he just wanted to warn her,rest is on her.Alok listens to their conversation from distance.

Village head takes the team to his house.They meet his family.Kriya tries to talk to Rey while having food.She asks him why is he not talking to her properly.He dont reply to her.She takes his plate and leaves the place.Nil gives pose with village girls for photograph and Simi warns him that Village head will scold him.Kriya gets sweet dish for Rey ,but Rey avoids her.Kriya becomes upset with his behavior.

Village head apologize for his previous behavior and gang leave the place.Alok comes and offers them paan.Swayam doubts his intentions but takes a paan from the plate.He offers the last paan to Sharon.Sharon looks at Swayam and to irritate him more she takes a paan.Swayam throws his paan out of irritation .He gets a call from his father and goes to attend the call.Whole gang enjoy paan except Swayam.They start doing weird acts after having the paan.They start singing dancing and behaving unusually as if under effect of some drug.Swayam comes after attending the call and notices their weird behavior .He smells a paan and gets the idea that Alok mixed something in those paan.Alok takes Sharon away from the gang .Alok compliments Sharon about her beauty.Sharon who is under effect of the paan ,is not able to understand his trick.Swayam realizes that Sharon is missing.

Precap- Kriya tells Rey that she lost her Mom.They come close when Rey tries to console her.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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