Dil Dosti Dance 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 30th December 2013 Written Update

Kriya keeps the mask saying I’m sorry. Rey moves out keeping the towel on the table. The next day Vicky and Nil are by the BB court thinking their plan backfired. Kriya has even reached Rey’s house. They decide to make one more full proof plan that would be effective. Kriya is walking by corridor when she thinks she will reach rehearsal hall soon. A girl comes and asks Kriya for her phone saying her phone is not working. Vicky and Nil come and tell Kriya to get props from store room. When Kriya says she does not know where store room is they ask her to do her work. The pune puts up a notice saying Rehearsal hall is booked after 4 pm. Kriya asks the girl for her phone when the girl says she needs to speak for few more minutes. Kriya tells her to be here and she will be back in

5 minutes. Kriya goes into the store room and someone locks the door from outside. The team is in the rehearsal hall waiting for Kriya. They get angry that she does not come on time. Sharon asks them to wait for few more minutes. Kriya thinks of calling Swayam and realizes that her phone is with someone. Rey tells he called them early as Rehearsal hall is booked from 4 pm. Swayam tries calling Kriya but her phone is switched off. Rinni,Vicky and Nil come late to rehearsals but Kriya has still not come. Kriya prays to universe ji to help her. Rey tells Sharon he feels Kriya does not want to do this Annual Day celebrations. This has become her habit of going without any intimation. Sharon tells she must not be doing all this willfully. Rey replies wow Sharon first I used to tell you all this and now you time changes. Swayam tells there is something missing she came to college then why not rehearsals. The team goes in search for Kriya everywhere.

Kriya in the store room tries to put the lights on but the switches do not function. She thinks who must have locked me in here. Rey now will be even more angry on me. Vicky and Nil in canteen are having coffee thinking of the success of plan. Sharon comes to canteen searching for Kriya when Nil and Vicky act like they are searching for Kriya too. Sharon asks them if they found out anything when Vicky and Nil says they have not. Sharon comes to atrium and she meets Swayam there. The whole gang arrives there saying they did not find her anywhere. Swayam asks Sharon did Kriya tell her that she has some work or is going out. Simmi taunts saying never knew when age old friendships changed. Swayam is asking about Kriya to Sharon. Never knew when Kriya got close with Sharon. Sharon tells the gang they must check at her house. Swayam and Sharon move to Kriya’s house. Vicky and Nil are dancing in the rehearsal hall. Vicky asks Nil how was his outing with Simmi. Nil says it was great and he can be himself with Simmi. They discuss they are having fun and others searching for Kriya. Nil says he has made arrangements that once clock strikes 10 the store room door will open up.

Rey thinks has Kriya doing this purposefully. Why would she do like this just few days before the annual day. He thinks has she left college again. She knows we will be waiting for her in the rehearsal hall. Why am I being bothered about her. He tells to himself No he is not affected at all. He does not care. Kriya asks universe ji why is he doing this to her. From the time she has returned back he is closing every way out. She asks him to help her. Swayam says she will drive and takes her seat Swayam asks Sharon to put on her seat belt when Sharon says she will put it later. Swayam pulls the seat belt and fastens it up. He tells if she does not put police will catch up and it will take extra time. Rey calls Swayam when Swayam says they have still not found Kriya. Rey asks where are they when Swayam tells him and Sharon are going to Kriya’s house. He asks Rey to not get tensed and he will call once he finds Kriya. Rey asks why would I be tensed, I called you to asks when to book the rehearsal hall tomorrow. Once Rey cuts the call he thinks where is Kriya.

Precap: Rey is walking in corridor when he hears cries of someone. He opens the store room and finds Kriya there. Kriya gets up and hugs Rey. Rey asks how are you here when Kriya says someone locked her. Rey asks Vicky and Nilesh did they lock Kriya in store room.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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