Dil Dosti Dance 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the college, Rey gets sponsor’s call and promises the sponsor not to disappoint him. Sara comes there, and says he can say whatever he wants to say to her, but please don’t ignore me like this. Rey says I have nothing to say to you and heads to leave. She holds his arm, he looks at it. She leaves his hand, he goes away.
Sharon tells Swayam Sara kept on crying the whole night. Swayam says Rey’s mood isn’t good too, be he will be fine. She asks why Kriya called him, he says nothing just hi, hello. He thinks how will Rey react upon Kriya’s return.
Rey takes a leave from the group, and asks Swayam, Sharon, Nil and Simmi to come with him. Sara feels ignored. Huma tells Sara to come with her later, she tells Karma to gather the stuff and asks for her mp3 player too.
In the café, Karma comes to the boys. They ask him if someone has died. He says me, this happened just when me and Huma were getting along. He shows them the mp3 player. They say yes, he is gone now. Vicky says he was a good man. Karma asks if they have come to do post mortem of him. Nil says they will think about something. Vicky says he has got an idea, buy a same mp3 to her. Karma cheers wow, what on Oscar winning idea, he couldn’t think about it, as he has no money even to eat sandwich. Vicky says he will get money, and shows him OLX to sell some old stuff and get discount on electronic items.
Karma thinks about selling his watch and shoes. Vicky asks them all to pray someone need them more than them.
Huma comes to the rehearsal hall, and asks about her mp3 player. He says it got damaged from his hand, she shouts what? He says he has something for her, and shows her a new one. She says it must be quite expensive, he mocks he had to sell kidneys of him. She says that was so sweet, it wasn’t her mp3 player. She had borrowed her from Vicky. Karma asks what, Vicky just comes there and takes the mp3 player hugging him. Huma laughs, while Karma shouts why he didn’t tell him it was his. Vicky says he must not have got one, had he told him. He shows everyone the mp3 player, Karma shouts at them to be quiet. They all cheer again, after stopping for a minute.
Sharon and Swayam come ready for Sangeet and look at each other. Sharon smiles, when Simmi and Nil come to take them. Rey is happy watching the performance. Sara come ready too, Rey looks at her, and then looks back as she stands with him. He says don’t even try, he doesn’t want to talk to her. She asks what about his promises that he will always be there for her and care for her. If she didn’t tell her the truth, what truth he told her. He says she knew everything, she hid the reality, and she doesn’t have an idea in what pressure he was in. He is really sorry, that he even knows her. Sara was hurt; Rey goes away from her side. Sara leaves the party.
Swayam goes looking for washroom, Kavita holds his arm and drags him to a side smiling. He scolds her what she is doing, what if someone see them. Kavita says she is only concerned about them both, and says she can marry him just now, marry me Swayam. Swayam goes irritated.
The sponsor announces about the blast from D3, the girls dance. They bring the whole D3 in the dance, Kavita keeps an eye on Swayam. The waiter gets him a message from Kavita, Sharon notices. He reads it, and looks for her. Swayam comes looking for someone in the back area, Kavita hugs him from the back. He says Sharon, what happened all at once. Kavita says they are together for life times. Kavita says it is so romantic, his kiss can make it perfect. He resists, they both fell into the fountain. Everyone get there. The elders ask what is happening here. Kavita goes to her papa, and says Swayam forcible tried to kiss her, and then pushed her in water. Swayam begins to clarify, that she had called him here. Kavita says he called her here, to talk about dance. Kavita’s papa told him to shut up, but they all argue. The sponsor shouts, Sharon gets the waiter and asks him to hear that he has given Kavita’s letter to Swayam and she had called her here. Kavita’s father complains sponsor, but the sponsor blames Swayam again. Rey says he can’t insult Swayam, when he knows the mistake was Kavita’s. The sponsor says they were asking him for sponsorship, Rey say they were begging. The sponsor says the sponsorship is cancelled. Rey challenges him that he will get him another sponsor in next two days. They leave.
Sara switches the phone off in her room. Sharon asks what is wrong with her, why she isn’t picking her phone, does she know what happened there.
Everyone asks Sharon, Simmi and Rey for advance payment. The costume designer says they can only give them material after full payment. Bharat and Nil were worried about the prof material being taken away. Huma tries to talk to sponsors, she was frustrated. Karma asks her to take a break, they have been calling sponsors from the morning. The lights go off, Karma asks her to play a game. She isn’t used to listen to No, he will always answer her with Yes. She asks do you want to play it now, he says yes. After some questions, she asks will he get Rakhi tied from her? He says Yes. She makes fun of him. He asks to play, and asks after a few questions Do you love me? She says yes. The lights gets on.
PRECAP: Swayam surprises everyone with Kriya’s arrival, Rey and Sara were shocked. Kriya burns a contract, saying she will end the formality he couldn’t.

PRECAP: Swayam surprises everyone with Kriya’s arrival, Rey and Sara were shocked. Kriya burns a contract, saying she will end the formality he couldn’t.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. wow dats great
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  2. Kriya s back..yippiee

  3. Now that the show is coming to end i will really miss it my only wish is that the in the end Rey Kriya and Swayam Sharon should be together in the end….

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