Dil Dosti Dance 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Rey in terrace and Kriya joining him there. Kriya asks you are already here am I late when Rey tells no she is not.He says he has rehearsed his chunk and they need to do the coordination now. Kriya asks in terrace when Rey says at the time when Rehearsal hall was available I did not rehearse for personal reasons and now I must. The both start dancing when there is a lift. After lift Kriya tells they must change this step.Rey asks what happened when Kriya says he is uncomfortable. Rey says he is comfortable and they can do it.They both start rehearsing..

Swayam and Sharon enter a room to check for dresses.They enter saying they hate the smell..When they check dresses Sharon likes her attire and says she will go and change them in locker room.Swayam stops her saying it would take 20 mins and if changing room is filled she must wait.He suggests her to change in the same room and he will move out.Swayam moves out.After changing Sharon is confused how to tie the dori. She thinks neither Simmi nor Rinni are here. Swayam asks what happened when Sharon tells she needs his help.He knocks and comes in and she says she does not know how to tell but she cannot tie the dori and asks for help. Sharon turns around and Swayam closes his eyes to help her. Once done Swayam says the dress looks good on her. Simmi knocks the door when Sharon asks the person to wait.Once she comes to know its Simmi she asks her to come in. Swayam says since Simmi is here they can discuss and he moves out. Sharona asks Simmi what is wrong when Simmi says due to emergency she must go to meet her family in USA. Sharon asks Simmi whats wrong when Simmi tells Nil came to know Simmi is Amaira and spoke… Sharon asks Simmi does she like Nil when Simmi says yes. Sharon asks since she wanted to know Nil more Simmi did this. Sharon says sometimes we take such steps. You know when I became close with Kriya it was because I though that way Swayam will get close to me. Swayam who comes to take his bag hears this and moves. Sharon continues that but now Kriya is genuinely her friend. Simmi says she is happy for Sharon. Simmi adds she needs to leave to now as her flight is at night.

Sharon gets a call from someone asking about invites. Sharon calls Swayam to check as Swayam was about to design when Swayam who is in terrace does not pick up any calls or reply to messages.She tries again but Swayam does not reply. Swayam thinks why did Sharon do this.They broke up but he was in love with her Since the days when others though bad of her.Sharon asks Amar did he see Swayam when Amar denies it. Sharon moves to the canteen and asks Kriya did she she Swayam. Kriya tells he has not been picking her calls. Sharon says he has not picked her calls or replied to messages either.They must go to other colleges to give invites. Sharon makes Sharon sit and gives her water and asks her to call. Sharon and Kriya hug when Swayam sees this. Sharon asks Swayam where was he when Swayam moves saying he must speak something Rey. Sharon tells Kriya she will speak with Swayam now. Swayam is walking by corridor when Sharon calls him and asks are invites ready when Swayam says they are he will mail them up. Sharon says she will get it printed and they can go and give invites. Swayam says he does not think two people are required and moves.

Precap: Sharon cries saying Swayam is ignoring her to Kriya. Rey tells Kriya they must do something to solve the issues between Swayam and Sharon.Kriya says she is in.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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