Dil Dosti Dance 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Ruhi is in the locker-room. Sharon arrives and asks where her new injury to get Swayam’s sympathy is. Ruhi turns and says that she will win and Sharon must be ready to get defeated. Sharon asks that is she always like that or does it happen only when she gets the attack. Ruhi is blanked about hearing the word attack. Sharon says that along with the medicines her doctor prescribed to Ruhi, she must also get the memory loss medicines as well. She further asks did the nurse take care of her last night. Ruhi tells her the Swayam took greater care of her that the nurse. Sharon says that because Swayam trusts everyone very easily but he’ll come to know the truth soon. She gets a text message, tells her Swayam was calling her and says “bye” to Ruhi before leaving.

They were all in the café. Nil says that since the theme of their dance was Friendship they should start from the beginning of their journey in the college. He thinks how it was all going to end, he did not believe it. Vicky calls from the door that they should learn to believe now. They all head to greet him. Vicky over-look Nil and hugs Amar. Nil asks why he left without informing him. He said he didn’t want to bother him. Simmi tells Nil that he is doing so because he is upset. Nil tells her that he can see the sadness behind his smiling face.

Rey, Sharon and Swayam were in the café. Rey was frustrated. He said whatever the college was doing is unfair. Sharon tells him that they should accept this now. Swayam also thinks that they should tell the group about it. Rey asks that she mean they do whatever with us, we should stay quiet. Swayam says what else we can do. Rey says we will tell them how the wrong is actually done. He tells the idea to them both. They both rejects the idea but Rey says that they took the wrong way one before, ans they succeeded. Sharon agrees but Swayam did not agree. Rey takes him along. They come to the dancing room where everyone else was. Sharon tells everyone about the decision of the management. They were all left speechless for a while. Nil says it is wrong. He fears that Kriya will also not be able to come back. Simmi asks anyone to please tell her that this is all a lie. Swayam tells them that there is nothing that can be done about it now.

Rey says that if they all support him, he has an idea to solve this issue. He tells them that this affiliation ended because our college mailed the college at New York that they no more want the affiliation. If an email is sent again from our college can we will do the affiliation, it can be undone. Simmi objects that for that they will need the support of the college authority. Rey tells her that everything is fair in love and war and this is kind of a war. He asks if everyone is with him, they all say yes.

He says that for this they will have to hack college’s website. He tells them that he knows the risk is big, but they have no other option. He asks, ‘are you all in?’. Vicky was the first one to come forward. He bucks them all up. Sharon also joins. Simmi is followed by Nil. And one by one everyone is on their side except Swayam. Rey tries to convince him so does everyone else but he says that Swayam leaves by saying that he does not think it’s the right way to get your dreams fulfilled. If they all want it this way, they can go on but he won’t help them. He leaves.

Sharon gets a text message. She goes out running and sees it’s the prescription mail from Ruhi’s doctor. She now needed to know in which condition these medicines were give. She calls her doctor and asks him if he could help and forwards the mail to him. She says ‘You game is over Ruhi.’

They are sitting in the café. Rey says that their game has come to an end before it started. Nil suggests that since they are short of time, they should start with the plan and side by side they can also convince Swayam. Rey says he is right. He tells Vicky that they needed to get the site hacked first, without the involvement of a third person. Vicky assures him he can do it. Rey tells him there is a room on the third floor that remains unused. It will be their base-office. They will mail Kriya’s college with their college’s id. Once Kriya is here, they’ll take her in confidence too. Sharon and Rey leaves.

Swayam was getting a flashback of all what VP had told them and what Rey had said to convince him. Rey arrives behind him. Episode ends.

PRECAP: they were in the base room. It was dark. Simmi feared that if their IP address got caught they can all be in trouble. Someone was headed towards the room in the corridors. They all hide below the table.

Update Credit to: Niki

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