Dil Dosti Dance 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd April 2013 Written Update

VP meets Rey and Taani in his room.He says since they have missed they must go and submit the forms personally tomorrow evening.Rey thinks about the event.he says that he has some important work.VP asks him what is more important that college.Rey thinks if he tells about the event VP will misunderstand and keeps calm.

The Door bell rings at Sharon’s house and she receives a courier and its a video regarding Meditation.She thinks who must have given her and remembers Swayam.She puts on the Cd and hears it.She then remembers about Swayam’s care and says you’ll never give up nah Swayam.Swayam speaks with the guy and says did she trust that you are from courier.He says Yes and shows her sign.He is about to throw the paper when Swayam gets it and says it has his sign in it.

Rey comes in and says he is happy to see Swayam here.He was about to call him.Swayam says what has happened you look bit preoccupied.You missed few steps in practice too.Rey asks why didnt you say Swayam says it was lead by Sharon and she is bit upset.The event is successful cause of the bond and hope things clear up when he speaks.Rey says it will get complicated owing to the matter he is hear to speak.

The ring Sharon’s door bell and she opens up.Sharon asks when we are meeting tomorrow what was so urgent.Rey says he is tensed as he cant participate in tomorrows event.Swayam asks what and how is the event possible without you.He says if you want you cant scold me or say anything but he really cant help it.Its special orders from VP sir that I have to go with Taani to submit the NDC form.He tried as much but time clash is happening.

Sharon says why are you justifying so much.Neither did I ask you nor did Swayam.Swayam ass what is Sharon saying..Sharon says what did she do.Infact Rey has decided and he is informing.She will do what she wants to do.Rey asks what will she do.Sharon says that why will she tell him.Swayam asks him and she says that She will cancel the event.She moves and takes up her phone.Rey catchers her and tries to avoid but Sharon pushes him out saying him not to touch her.Swayam pulls the phone.Sharon gets her attack due to this and Rey tries to make her alright.Sharon asks Swayam to say Rey to leave.Swayam tries to calm her down asking her to take a deep breath.Rey moves out from there and Sharon takes in her inhaler.She is relaxed a bit.She asks how could Rey do this.Swayam says the team is not alone.They have rest.They will rehearse once in morning and do the needful changes to the formation.

Swayam asks Sharon to trust the team.The will person and asks her to calm down and relax.
Next morning team is rehearsing in the atrium.Sharon thinks about the events of last night and Swayam sees them.They discuss that this event is important and hope things happen well.Aashi says it will as Swayam is there.

Swayam thanks her and says in fact to the whole team as they accepted the changes.Neha says they had to do this.The team says that none expected that he will ditch.The hustle bustle starts.Swayam stops them saying that Rey is doing this for college team.When there are speaking against Rey means they are speaking against college.Sharon says that when there is no use why to discuss.She adds that they must give their best today evening as their payment is based on their performance.

Precap:Taani asks if Rey remembers tomorrows schedule.Rey says he does.The gang performs on Breathless.The manager of the college (event)says that their guests wants to meet the team.

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