Dil Dosti Dance 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey takes a stroller from the wardrobe and recalls it is Kriya’s. He dances with it. He thinks about her injury, and how doctor had said that she won’t be able to dance now. He says that he knows she isn’t here, but her memories and her dream are with him, he promises to fulfil them.

Raghv comes home, and thinks Gabbar laughing. He watches Ishika and Gabbar playing chess and enjoying hard. Ishika tells Raghv that Dida has fallen asleep, he says he isn’t hungry. She comes behind him, he was annoyed. She tells him he isn’t that bad, he must give him a chance. He gets angry, and tells her to leave his room and shuts the door.

Vicky appreciates Simmi’s watch. Swayam and Sharon come there, Sharon scolds them for teasing them. They ask what Swayam gave her on graduation. She says nothing, but then she says he will give her a gift but on the right time. Swayam thinks about a hint. They talk about Rey, Swayam says that Kriya told him that she doesn’t want Rey to waste himself behind her so it is a permanent break up from her. Rey comes there, they discuss about the farewell party while Swayam gets the juice. Rey asks do you people realize their college has ended. Simmi says abruptly, that they missed Kriya. Rey was positive and says she has to come back. Sharon assures him that she will come back. Swayam was quiet.

In the canteen, Huma asks Raghv why is he smiling. He says he got Sharon’s message appreciating their farewell. She tells him to date someone else. He asks her to go on date, she says now the situation is different as her parents have now realized about their mistake. Ishika comes there, and says she got stuck with Dada gi. Raghv goes away annoyed, while Huma thinks when his problems with Gabbar will get solved.
Sharon tells Swayam that he has got unromantic. He holds her, and asks why she told a lie that Rey and Kriya may get together again. Sharon says she was just supporting her friend. Swayam tells her that Kriya wants him to move on, Rey considers him responsible for the accident and Kriya doesn’t want to come back in Rey’s life. Sharon says that their situation is that when there is love, there is hope and that hope can’t be false. Swayam says he is tensed about Rey. Sharon asks if she was there is place of Kriya, could he have moved on.

Raghv comes to his room. Ishika was there, he tells her to leave but she argues what he thinks about himself. She asks why he can’t respect his dada. Raghv says he killed my father, and still he has to live with him; but like everyone else she should stay out of this. He pushes her out of his room. Dada gi stood there.

Swayam tells Sharon that her bed is ready. Sharon comes there, pushes him down to bed. Swayam is uncomfortable, she asks him to sleep with her tonight. She says they will get married soon, right? The bell rings, Swayam gets up the bed. Sharon goes to see which idiot has come at this time. It was Rey, Swayam asks who it is. She says it is Rey. He teases her; she says Swayam was going to propose her for wedding. He says that she must do something else to provoke Swayam for marriage. She asks intently, what she should do. Rey says she must tell Swayam indirectly about the couples who either is going to marry soon. She asks what if this idea doesn’t work, he says he will give the other idea then. Swayam comes there and they change the topic.

In D3, Sharon says that royalty of dance comes at this place. Simmi suggests they must start paying their members. Nil says that they still have no profits, Simmi suggests they must make D3 an event management company as well. Everyone likes the idea. Avantika arrives at the academy.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam play together. Rey asks everyone that Kriya wanted to make dancing the passion of a common man, can they all help him pursue this dream?

Update Credit to: Sona

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