Dil Dosti Dance 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 29th January 2014 Written Update

Kriya comes in front of Rey in saree.He admires her and they share an eyes lock.They leave the place.One villager shows the guest house to the gang.Gang complaint saying its very small place.He says in villages guest houses are generally small.Swayam says gang that lets be thankful as they got a place to stay.Rey-Kriya go to village head.He recalls their previous attire .He recognizes them and compliments them.Rey says attire can not be anyones identity.They respect the culture villagers follow.Village head asks what is their purpose.Rey and Kriya tell him its very important work for them.Village head says ,its not possible.Rey and Kriya join the gang.Gang is surprised to see them in indian attire.Swayam asks them if they spoke to village head.Rey says he will tell them after having

food.They go inside and see food served on floor.They struggle to sit on the floor.Sharon says she cant have so hard roti.Swayam says its the staple food of the place so they should try.Sharon asks for a spoon.Bharat and Amar tell her its not five star restaurant and people use their hands to eat. Simi gives one bite to Sharon,she likes the food and starts eating.Kriya eats spicy food and Rey gives her water out of concern .They have the food and thank the villager who arranged food for them.Swayam asks Rey what was result of his discussion with Village head.Rey says he will tell after changing.Rey tells gang Village head agreed to give a chance to their team.But he has a condition that team needs to win their hearts.Gang tells him ,villagers wont like their dance.Rey says they will like if gang will try to be a part of their celebration.

Swayam says villagers think that gang will spoil them.Sharon says they can win their heart by being in their attire.Rey says if villagers wont recognize them while performing ,they can win them through their dance.Swayam says idea is good but they need to think about execution.They get worried about costumes.Kriya says the villager Gopi who arranged food can help them.Kriya and Rey asks him for clothes.He says he can arrange for boys but for girls he cant.Sharon calls the guys whom they met before and asks him to come to guest house.Swayam looks at her with astonishment.Sharon says ,being friends with villagers helped them.Sharon introduces the guys Alok with the gang.They get to know he can speak in English as well.Sharon tells him,she needs his help.He says ,he will help her and wont give chance to complaint. Sharon asks him for folk outfit for girls.He says,he can do it.Gopi says how to get girls costume.Alok says he can arrange it.Sharon requests him to arrange outfits.Swayam takes to a corner and says he is not reliable.Sharon asks him if he is jealous.Rey says even he dont find him reliable but they dont have any option.Guys get ready in ethnic attire.Swayam asks girls why they are not ready yet.Girls say they didnt get the costumes yet.Alok enters with their costumes and Sharon thanks him.Gang goes to the celebration venue in disguise.They perform on desh rangeela song in group with amazing coordination and depict emotional lyrics of the song.Vicky’s fake mustache slips from his face and villagers recognize them.

Precap – Rey gets to know Kriya lost her Mom.Rey almost kisses Kriya while consoling her.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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