Dil Dosti Dance 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At night Kriya is sitting beside Rey and thinks how to tell him, he might get annoyed. Rey changes position. Rey prays to keep his sleep this peaceful always. She kisses his forehead and begins to leave when he holds her hand asking what she was doing. She says I was looking at you. You look cute while sleeping. He smiles saying Ok. She keeps pouring water in the glass but cant concentrate. He asks why she looks so tensed. She says it is nothing. Rey holds her by shoulders and says when we are together we can handle everything.
Rinni thinks everyone will be so upset to hear she is leaving for Florida leaving them all. She thinks new relationships need breaking the old ones, what will everyone think about her. The bell rings at the door. It was Jignesh asking you are ready for dinner. He asks what she is thinking; she asks how he knows that. He says because she never speaks while thinking. Rinni asks him cant she come to Flourida after some months after the marriage. She doesn’t want to ditch the friends. He tells her he talked to institute in Flourida about mid-semester admission but they said no, she they will have to go now or wait for another year.
Rey tells Kriya not to worry taking his suspension. He apologizes her that he behaved impulsively, but she shouldn’t take tension when she is so ill. Rey gets his dad’s call and tells Kriya that he had to drop him to airport for Germany. He says he thought it was the worst day of his life, but is happy now. He leaves after hugging her.
Rinni comes to Simmi in the locker room. Simmi says her father would have been very angry, but Rinni hugs her telling her she is leaving for Flourida. She tells he gave her another chance and now they are getting married. She says he even said she can continue dancing in Flourida. Simmi gets angry at once and says she doesn’t even once think about them and must be happy in her life. She is being selfish, and if she wants to go Flourida she hopes not to see her again, because she forgot them all for settling her life. Simmi leaves while Rinni goes behind her.
In morning, Rey gets up thinking he is getting late for college and recalls he has been suspended. He gets up saying he is on forced leave today and will get bored at home all day long. He does his shaving while the bell rings. Sharon comes hugging him. He says all his happiness has left, has Swayam told her. He was hopeless while Sharon says she has a good secret for him.
In the college, Kriya tells Swayam she needs to tell Rey that she has already talked to Dean Sir.
Sharon asks Rey if he remembers her mother was a member of board of directors. She is returning back. Rey cheers up.
Kriya asks Swayam why they are fighting; they are giving them the academy and teaching positions. And if they prove to be good for it they might give them the autonomy. Swayam agrees. They say this is done.
Sharon and Rey resolves that they will fight for all their freedom, conditions and dreams as her mother is coming back. They will now fight. They say it is done.
In the cafeteria Nil says to Simmi she must not have said so to Rinni. Simmi says she says nothing about him and Vicky so he should keep out of it now. Sharon comes and meet them. Sharon tells them not to worry as everything will be alright. Rinni comes from back, Sharon meets her. Rinni says she has some work at admin, Sharon stops her but Simmi calls to let her go, she must be going to admin to get her papers for Florida cleared. Rinni goes away. Simmi also leaves denying listening to anyone. Sharon thinks the academy dream is fading while Simmi and Rinni are also fighting.
Rey thinks when will Sharon’s mom join and get involved in the decisions of administrations. He is frustrated that his anger spoiled it all. Rey thinks he must do something and gets the idea of calling dean as the team representative. He calls him, the dean says he is happy Kriya finally got you all agreed and be a part of it. Rey asks did Kriya agreed? He says yes, n he hopes they all join it too.
Rey thinks she didn’t tell me and that’s why she was worried. He thinks how you could do this Kriya.

PRECAP: Rey scolds Kriya for accepting all their conditions.

Update Credit to: Sona

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