Dil Dosti Dance 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon calls Swayam but they were doing the rehearsals so the cell phone keeps ringing. She thinks why isn’t he attending the call. She thinks she must pick Swayam today.
Swayam says to everyone that you must give more time to rehearsals. Huma and Karma thinks they must bunk their last classes. Sharon comes there, Simmi hugs her. Sharon tells them that Swayam forgot to pick her so she thought about picking him. Swayam comes to say he will just finish the discussion. Sharon waits. Karma stands up and says he has a problem, he can’t his dance strategy with a competitor. Vicky tells Sharon to sit, and says to Karma that she is not a competitor but a friend. Karma says that she must be a friend for them, but she won’t let us be into the rehearsal hall of St. Luois. They think about Sharon ordering Huma to go out. Huma backs Karma and says that rules should be the same for all. Swayam was quiet. Simmi asks Swayam to say something, but Swayam says that they are right. He tells Sharon to go home; he will come back completing the work.
At night, Huma comes home. She asks her ammi why she didn’t sleep. Her ammi says when the daughters lie, how can a mother sleep. She asks Huma the money she gave her to pay the fee; as she is sure the garage academy won’t have this much fee. Huma recalls returning Karma’s money. She says that she doesn’t have the money, she gave them to a friend for helping as loan. Her ammi says that they weren’t less amount, she earns them hard. Her abbu comes there and backs Huma, he tells her to ask her friend to return that money soon. Her ammi goes away annoyed. Huma hugs abbu and says she will return the money. She thinks she must win the dance mania.
Swayam comes home and asks Sharon to lower the volume, as the watchman is complaining. Swayam watches all the cushions thrown on the floor. Sharon replies she hears aloud. Swayam picks the cushions, and says to Sharon that he is the leader at D3; he has to back his students. Sharon asks was she wrong? He says no, but today they were right. He says I am sorry as you disliked. Sharon says it isn’t about what I felt, but you should not have said it directly, especially in front of that Huma. Swayam says that when you are around, I can only see you and I get lost into your sweet smile. Sharon smiles, he hugs her. Swayam says I love you, Sharon. Sharon says I will never come to pick you, next time. He promises he will. He says he is really hungry. She shows him the food she ordered. He asks you weren’t angry, she says she had ordered it already in the college. He gets the pizza. He picks a piece and offers she can start from a corner. She laughs and says she will eat the rest of the whole. Swayam gets Vicky’s call, and says he will be there. He tells Sharon he has to go, and will be back.
Vishnu asks Ishika not to worry as she can’t force her to be in the academy. Ishika says it is about right or wrong, she can’t ditch Sharon at this time. Vishnu asks is she interested in dance. Ishika thinks about Raghv and smiles. Vishnu gets her attention, she says she is hungry. He says that whenever she is hungry, she gets angry soon. He holds her hand and asks to give all her tensions to him, as he doesn’t like her sad face. She resists, but he keeps hand in her mouth and says I love you. He says he always want to live with her.
Bharat argues his father to be reasonable. Swayam asks him, he says this boy doesn’t talk to you but I am going to sale this garage. I am getting good amount and if I don’t do so, he will keep dancing. He says this dancing will not get you people anywhere. Bharat says we aren’t going to empty this, but he says that once he gets the money they will have to go from here. Swayam and everyone are worried.

PRECAP: Sharon orders breakfast for Swayam. He says can’t we eat something normal; she says breakfast shall be proper. Raghv holds Ishika against wall and says neither he will talk to her, nor ask her to dance.

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