Dil Dosti Dance 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th August 2013 Written Update

Sharon is tensed and walking to and fro in her room thinking of the happenings in rehearsal hall.. She thinks when the day started in morning I never thought something like this will happen.She hopes his anger is cooled down and calls him but it stays unanswered. Sharon is about to go when Rey comes in there.She asks him to move apart and let her go.Rey says He is really sorry. When Rey steps in Sharon turns and asks him did she ask him to enter.She asks him to go out of her house.She says you are feeling bad and you deserve it.You created problems between me and Swayam and starts coughing. She runs to take her inhaler and Rey sees her. Rey asks her she has Asthma when Sharon says it had gone away because of Swayam and now its back.Rey asks her forgiveness and also tells he is not

even worthy of it. Adi and his boss are having a discussion on what to do for the team when Adi says they will move away automatically. Adi gets a call saying Team is here.He asks to let the in.When team enters Adi asks them why are they here at this time. Vicky says they are not here to waste his time and Simmi continues saying they want to back out. The Boss says they will have to sign a no objection certificate to which they Agree. Adi asks what about Rey when Vicky says when Rey realizes Team is not happy he won’t force. Sharon goes and rings the bell of Swayam’s home when kaka opens the door.He asks she is here when Sharon replies saying Upstairs it is closed.Kaka says Swayam is not here.He left up.Sharon asks does he know when will Swayam return to which kaka says he has no clue.Sharon asks him to inform Swayam that she came and moves.

The song Tanhai plays in background and Sharon sees Swayam’s cycle and remembers their moments.She keeps thinking and land up in a park where She says you were just telling Rey to think from other persons POV but you did not.She feels he could have spoke to her once and asked why and what happened but he misjudged her.Is this the commitment he gives to her that he does not even pick up the call. The team comes down when Rey is entering up thinking all the previous moments.He sees the gang and asks what are they doing here. The team replies saying they have left reyzors. Rey asks why.The team replies saying they did not want such where two friends are having a fight.Barath asks whats wrong between him and Swayam. Rey says its totally his fault and he will mend it.Team asks him to do soon and he says he can when Swayam is available.He moves up saying he will meet.The team feels bad that even now he left when Vicky says we left it is not necessary he leaves his professional life too.Rey is about to enter the cabin when he hears Adi and Mr.Singh Speaking where Adi says he had got their weakness of Swayam and Rey and that Sharon.Rey enters the cabin when Adi is shocked.He asks Rey from when is he here.Rey replies he just came. Mr.Singh says he came on right time. Rey asks that means Adi is going to give a news. Adi and Mr.Singh are shocked when Rey laughs and says Adi always tells when there is a news.

Adi says there is a sad news the team just now went.Rey acts as if he does not know. Adi says they left the team even after he tried to convince them for him they did not agree. Rey says may be Adi was right.He must have not trusted blindly.

Precap: Rey practicing Solo dance in rehearsal hall when team sees them.Swayam and Sharon have a talk. The team thinks Rey is practicing for his solo.Adi informs the day he was waiting is here. Rey thinks now you will see whet it is to play with the emotions and Relationships.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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