Dil Dosti Dance 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sara says that three means that each one loves the other more. Rey finds Sara smiling, she explains to Rey that it is a game. Sharon says she also know about this game. Vicky appreciates the line, and says he will tell it to Chandni. Swayam also asks about the game. Rey says how can they just think of a game at such a time, he asks if Sara is some antique piece. She asks doesn’t he have to do anything, but to sort a finger from hers. Everyone bucks Rey up, he picks a finger as does everyone else. Sara counts till three and opens up her hand, they all cheer.
Sara says she said he can do nothing without a team, they all favor her thinking. Bharat asks Vicky why is he after that witch. They ask him to show them the face of that girl, he takes his recording and shows them the video. Vicky says he can’t find the recording. Sara says there is something wrong. Vicky says there is something definitely wrong. Amar says that he now understands, but Vicky says that the phone memory is full now. Bharat says they thought he has understood that she isn’t a girl but a witch. Vicky says he will take her recording today. They all ask if he is mad.
They all come to sit on the benches, Sharon wonders why Sara has called them here. Sara says they are going on a team activity and will do the kite flying. Rey recalls Kriya, as he had planned a same activity with some kids for her. Sara divided the teams. Huma denies going with Karma, while Ishika says she won’t play with Raghv. Sara pairs Ishika and Huma, and Karma with Raghv. Rey denies kite flying. Sara says she will lose, without playing. Rey leaves, while Sara says she will try it alone. They all head to do the activity. Raghv comes to help Ishika, but she says she will do it alone. Huma laughs, Raghv goes annoyed while the girls laughs.
Rey looks at Sara, and remembers the time with Kriya. Sara enjoys the flying, so does everyone else. Raghv comes to Ishika, and corrects her kite; then runs to his team again. Huma teases Ishika that he didn’t show concern for her like this. Rey steals a look at Sara, once in a while. Karma and Raghv win, Huma argues that they cut their kite deliberately. They fought. Vicky and Sara were in competition with Sharon and Swayam. Sara requested Vicky, Rey comes to take the kite from Vicky and flies it expertly. Sara cheers upon their victory. She says thank you to Rey, as he is a perfect partner. Sara says she has won, so she will cook for them tonight.
At night, Rey thinks about Sara. She notices Swayam running out, and asks what it is. Swayam says Sharon never give up. He asks what is it about. Swayam asks would he laugh? Rey promises he won’t. Swayam begins to tell him that he and Sharon had a bet about Manika and Vishnumitar. Rey laughs. Swayam is annoyed, that he promised. Rey says that his problem is so cute. Rey makes him sit, and says does he understand why Sharon is doing this all; as she wants them to marry now. Rey says the girls never express themselves, he should propose her. Swayam says what if she is annoyed. Rey says she was much excited about Nil and Simmi’s confession. He sends him to propose her, when she is least expecting. Swayam dances, and sings about proposing Sharon.
Huma makes Ishika wear high-heels. She does her eyebrows, and do makeup for her. Ishika isn’t ready to wear western clothes. She puts on nail paint, and Cuts her hair.
Rey tells Sara that he has searched about the world’s talent. He says the people of the village have so much talent, he will bring it out of them. He heads to a mail, while Sara tries to jump and bring down mangoes off a tree. Rey holds her up, while she takes the mangoes. She plucks one, but they lose balance and fell down panting. He asks what happened to her miss dare-devil. She smiles at him, and they head to go with four mangoes.
Sharon was asleep, Swayam comes there with towel on and wakes her up with a wild plant. She is afraid, he makes her quiet. He asks who Swayam? was she having someone’s else’s dreams. She asks what? He says Vishnumitra has ended his waiting, Manika. Sharon is left open-mouthed. She says this means, she has won. He says he has lost, in her love. He holds her face with hands; they call each other Meenu and Vshnu. He calls That’s it meenu! and runs saying he has some more surprises.

PRECAP: Swayam kneels down to Sharon and puts a ring in her finger. She laughs in excitement.

Update Credit to: Sona

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