Dil Dosti Dance 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Vicky tells Taani she might be a non-dancer but she’s also GS. So it comes down to her. Taani responds with under GS, there is CS and so it’s Sharon’s responsibility. Swayam comments saying under CS is the dance team and they voted him the captain. So as CS and voted captain, he’ll follow the orders that Taani, as GS gave. So Thank you and we’ll manage. (The reply is blunt as Swayam is disturbed by Taani’s sudden behavior.)

Taani tells them to go rehearse then. The team isn’t liking having someone tell them what to do and when to do it. Rey is confused seeing Taani and Swayam’s replies. He tells Taani to relax and not stretch the matter. He then tells everyone to proceed as Taani’s replies aren’t helping.

When everyone’s gone, he asks her if she’s fine and she replies with ‘Ofcourse.’

Scene 2:
Swayam begins the rehearsals. Both him and Rey are making the routine, approving few steps and shaking heads at those that aren’t working out. Sharon sees Swayam tensed. She decides to talk with everyone.

Scene 3:
Sharon tells others that a rusheed routine will be very messy and there won’t be a point. So why not send them India Fest video? All they want to see is talent, right? And in that routine, everything was included. All types of style. Everyone agrees to that. YT has them famous as well. Swayam says he’ll edit the video and submit it!

So the rehearsal for Bday party begins.

Scene 4:
VP has called Taani. He asks him about preparations of NDC. She doesn’t respond. He asks if there’s a problem and she replies in negative. He tells her they have to get the trophy and so she needs to learn about the style and get herself involved so no one takes her for granted. This is the biggest event and everyone’s expecting a win. She tells him he won’t be disappointed.

Scene 5:
Taani enters to see everyone goofing around. She yells at them. They tell her it’s for bday party. Swayam says they’ve done rehearsals for NDC. Rey asks Taani what the problem is. Sharon tells Taani that ‘ye’ is their work also and it’s tomorrow as well. Therefore, implying that the team knows to give importance to both. She tells them to show the routine.

They all laugh. Vicky tells Rey that Swayam is their captain and Sharon is the CS. When both of them are convinced, they don’t need someone else’s permission. They tells Taani they’re going to submit IF routine. Taani says according to her they should send new routine and tells Swayam that he didn’t even ask her? Rey asks her back as to why he would have to get her permission for it? He’s the captain. And everyone knows IF routine was their best so far.

Tanni asks who’s idea was it. Sharon says it was hers and Taani sarcastically comments with ‘Thought so.’ Taani yells at Sharon saying her professional team is so important that she’s taking college for granted. Everyone is shocked at Taani’s behavior. Rey tells her she’s blaming Sharon for no reason. She says she’s blaming all of them.

Once she leaves, everyone voices out their opinion. They say one is her brother and another is her boyfriend. So that doesn’t give her the right to say anything she wants to! ReYam decide they have to do something. If this goes on, they’ll be divided into two parts.

Scene 6:
Rey is at home. Sharon calls him to tell him to come home. She tells him there’s no fight between her and Taani. It’s Taani who’s hyperventilating. She then goes filmy and tells him to leave thoughts of his GF for a while and come help his best friend. {I swear, the only tiny scene that was worth the watch today}.

Swayam call’s come so he tells her he’ll come soon and attends Swayam’s call. He too tells Rey to come home as he fells Taani needs to talk to someone. Rey needs to be there for her. Rey is confused on where to go. Sharon or Taani. He asks Swayam to go to Sharon’s house. He tells Swayam he can trust Rey and Taani at home alone. Swayam says he trusts him and that he’ll also go to Sharon’s house.

Scene 7:
Taani is upset at home remembering the comments. She opens the college page and reads more comments. (When she says it doesn’t affect her, then why is she still affected so much?] She thinks someone from the dance team must have done that. (This is too much now.)

Precap: Taani hugs Rey; asks where Swayam is. He says with Sharon. Next day, she sees everyone enjoying together and feels lonely. She makes a decision to make it very tough for them so they respect her and her GS position.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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