Dil Dosti Dance 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma wait in the calss room, Swayam gets him the admission forms and tells him to racognize the guy. He asks where he get this form, Swayam says he is in the ECL of college, so he has access. The go lookk for Raghav in the college as Karma says he is sure he will be with a girl. The go in the locker room, Karma says he cant be here. In the corridor, they finds him. Karma comes to him and asks him for his cell phone. He says what will he do with his cell phone, Huma also defends him saying he is with her from the morning. Karma says that you must also tell lie. Raghav says what wrong did I do to you. Ishika comes and says how can you do something wrong to anyone.She says his phone is with him as she listened to all their conversation when he was in the girls changing room. Swayam asks was he there in the girls changing room? He kneels into Swayam’s feet that it wont happen again.
Kriya comes to a dark room and thinks that the adress was of this place but no one is here, the spotlight falls on her suddenly. She says excuse me. All the lights then glow, Abhishek comes to her and says he got what he wanted. You have all the qualities of becoming a star. He says he just want one more talent that is magic. Can she cast a spell on the audience. He gives her a script and tells her to read it relax.
They were all in the workshop hoping there candidated might come. They ask where Kriya is, Rey tells them she has a film offer for which she has a screen test. Rey hopes it goes good, as she has sacrficed a lot for him.
Kriya is confused while giving her final performance. She apologizes that she is unable to do it, the director comes to her, gives her water and says she isnt a trained actor so they should better see her dance first. She is worried but he bucks her up. She performs. Abhishek is happy and tells her that her signing amount is Rs. 25,00,000. She is elated, he says the film will finish in 3 months. She thinks it is such a big offer, she says I never asked for it, and what I asked for I could never get it.
Ishika tells Vishnu about the college, he tells her to eat food as she must not have eaten. She says the rates there are so high. She tells him the story about her day, she says she missed him today. He tells her that this is a big city, on one side is the elite while on the other are the slums but no one sleeps hungry here. He presents him with the tomato chatni. She eats in hurry and he looks at her. Kriya comes home thinking she has been trying Rey’s number. She sees someone running in the dark, she thinks isnt it a thief. She beats him with the racket, Rey shouts it is me. She apologizes saying what are you doing here. He shows her the food, that he cooked for her and they sits on the table. She tastes it, makes a face. He asks her how is it. She says it is too good. He sits down to eat too, she takes the plate, that he cant eat it as it is only for her. He takes a bite and says that it only has a salt, how is she eating it. She stands up and dares him to talk about her boyfriend, else she wont leave him. He holds her, she thanks him. She says that the love with which she prepared this food matters, she says she is going to make cheese sandwich for him. He asks what happened about her screen test. She says she must bring the sandwich, then they will talk and goes away.
Vishnu comes in the room Ishika is asleep. He caresses her and plays with her hair, then puts her teddy beneath her hands and goes out.
Huma’s mom asks how was her day, she says it was interesting. Her mom asks did she give the audition, how did he go. Huma doesnt speak, her mom says people say it right that children ignore their parents when they get into the college. Huma says it wasnt like this, her mom says she is sure that no one can get better than her daughter. She gives her money and tells her it is the fees for her academy, Huma says that the results hasnt been announced yet. She says that as soon as she gets selected, she must submit her fee. Her mom shows her a dress in the wardrobe, that she liked in the mall. They hadnt the money then, Huma asks her that why didnt she buy the dress for herself. Her mom says that her dressing is more important for her as she is going into a big academy.
Rey asks Kriya about the test in the kitchen, but she ignores him. He holds her and asks what happened. She tells him that Abhishek finalized her and is giving her twenty five lacs for it, but she has rejected it. She never dreamt of a film, his academy is her dream, then why is he forcing her. He says that Abishek wants your talent, and he is paying you alot. He says that I know you will enjoy it. She says he is right, and they can spend this money on the academy as well.She says she will think.
Raghav tells Huma that he thought it would be someone aged, Huma says she has the attitude only because she isnt aged. Raghav says he is sure that she must have experience, Huma says she must have solid connection that’s why she was there. Raghav diagrees, they bet. They see Swayam, Huma calls him to ask him about Sharon.

PRECAP: Huma says to Swayam that he was telling Raghav that no one can get into anything big without connections, Sharon got into taking auditions only because her mother is the project head. Sharon listens and come forward saying she needs to be taught the manners in some grooming academy, Huma tells her to ask her mom open this academy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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