Dil Dosti Dance 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th June 2013 Written Update

he girls arrive to the party venue (canteen).Vicky asks Neha to have cool drinks. Neha says its really cold and they will have coffee. The girls say they will wait for rest to arrive. When Sharon comes in with Simmi se expects Swayam to ask her to sit next to him but he stays calm. Nilesh comes and pulls chair for Simmi to sit.Sharon expects that Swayam can do this at least but Swayam is still seated. He sees Rey and asks if he must help Sharon when Rey denies. Simmi tells All this you need not do for me and Swayam relives thinking Sharon feels the same. Barath is sent to brink the drinks. Once reaching the table he get confused on which part of the drink is spiked and turns the table around. He decides and takes the drink and moves to the table where team is present. The boys ask where

is Taani. Vicky says you went to invite her Rey so will she come. Rey expects her to come and she arrives in then. Rey asks the gang to thank her and they do. Rey then takes up the cool drinks and gives it to Taani. The boys give it to rest of the girl. Sharon expects Swayam to give but he shows cheers to her. Sharon take s her drink and moves forward with Simmi. The guys have the spiked drinks and start doing crazy stuff.Swayam is sitting below a table when Sharon comes to ask him what happened he tries touching her nose and says she is like a fire ball. Sharon gets up and says the boys have gone high. The girls say the guys can never change. Rey has some vessel over his head and asks Taani to take it out.Taani first denies but later agress and removes. She is about to move from the canteen when Rey holds her Taani asks what is he doing when rey replies the thing that he must have done long before.Taani says he is not in his senses and they will speak later.Rey denies and says they will speak now.Sharon goes to help Swayam get up but he says he wants to be hear.

Rey continues speaking with Taani and says there was a girl named Taani who had lot of dream in her eyes. Then she forgot her dreams and though of the guy as her world.The girls at behind comment what kind of girl is she. Rey continues saying the guy though its better he moves away. Taani asks that is why you had a breakup. A guy ask who is the girl. Rey says the girl is none but Taani and the guy is him. Rey says what would I do Taani. After break up you came independent strong and so on. Rey says I love you Taani I Love you so much. Taani says enough Rey you have made too much fun of our personal life. A guy says don’t leave her Rey hold her while he tries taking pic/video. Sharon is with Swayam when Swayam tries her hand with his using the tie. Taani runs out from the canteen.

Precap: Rey tries to go and speak with Taani but Taani ask him to stay away. The gang dances on Bezubaan kab se in rain….

Update Credit to: asmaju

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