Dil Dosti Dance 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th November 2013 Written Update

The gang is walking thinking why did the VP get so serious.Rey yes from yesterday everyone is speaking about same.Vicky asks who else then Rey tells his dad.He says within 6 months I will have to earn.Amar says even my mom is worried about job.Simmi tells don’t tell me they are asking about doing MBA to me.The gang feels life is empty without dance. Sharon says they will be together forever.They have been away many times but they will not leave dance.Swayam says we are together now why waste time. The gang asks meaning when Swayam says they can set a routine now.They think how can they dance when they have class when Simmi says God helps those who want to dance.Professor Gupta is on leave now today and hence they can rehearse.Rey asks the gang to carry on and he will join them.Swayam asks Rey is he alright and Rey replies with he is fine.Rey goes to the locker room and remembers what VP sir and his dad told him.The gang thinks its just 6 months more.They cannot compromise when Swayam says none of the parents asked them to leave dance.The gang dances on Khalbali hai khalbali. Rey thinks I know I won’t leave dance ever.He remembers his dad’s words which says when you have passion you will make a way. Rey comes in the rehearsal hall saying if we have to make a future we must make it in Dance we need to make up a solid plan.Will make an entry with Dance as our carrier. Vicky says like SRK said if we want to do something even whole universe try to make it happen.Rey says our Dil is dance our dostii is dance so lets Dil Dostii Dance in real sense.It is time to turn our passion into our ambition.

Kriya is getting ready when her Massi comes in saying Kriya Swayam has sent you this from Mumbai.Kriya gets excited and asks Swayam sent it from Mumbai like really massi Swayam has sent it.Kriya opens the gift and findsit a frame with collage of her old pictures with the gang.He also adds a letter that reads You are missing them a lot so thought to send you the memories that will make you happy.Kriya tells her Massi that this picture was taken during picnic.Massi says how can I forget it you have told me so many times.Kriya asks her maasi will they remember her when Maasi says your friends may be far away but they are in your heart.They must be sad but I know you miss them.Kriya says she feels she is close to them.Her maasi is similar to Swayam philosophical. She says Swayam used to act more mature than his age. Her maasi asks her is she old when Kriya says she is young like her friends.Kriya adds how different is universe ji.The memories she does not want to remember he does not allow her to forget and the memories she wants to live he makes her move far away.She remembers the Radha kaise nah jale and In lamho kedaman mai sequence.

The gang comes in Rehearsal hall when two people where trying to dance but finding steps difficult.rey goes to them and helps them.The thank him when Rey says if you need help in dance they can asks anytime.The team moves away as their friends are waiting for them.The gang says its feels wired to see new people in the rehearsal hall.
They decide to do something different something big.Nilesh suggest doing dance events in college but team feels they have done it.They decide to think something that gives them long term benifi.One suggests to do dance free of cost in few events and later can demand more.Swayam denies saying things that are free of cost are not valued.Rinni says yes like Sharon did not value Swayam’s gifts as it was free.Sharon asks Rinni to shut up and think of ideas.Swayam says no Rinni is right.Few people do not value anything neither the feelings nor the person giving it.Rinni says they can write letter to Farah Khan asking to assist her in choreography. A guy comes up and asks Amar if he will teach him tutting.Amar goes and teaches him the basic angles.The guy says they ill miss the gang’s dance after 6 months who will teach them dance.Rey says they will teach.Will you guys learn.The guy replies positive and moves.The gang asks Rey what is he saying when rey says he has an idea.Many students want to learn dance what if we open a dance academy.We will get to teach new talents dance.Swayam says it is a great idea.Sharon says After they pass out St.Louis has to keep its name in Dance.Re y says we must speak with VPsir.If St.Louis helps ijn funding they can give discounts to the students of St.Louis.The gang feels happy they will have their own academy. Rinni asks for name when guys reply with first work and then name.Rey asks the team to meet him in BB court in 10 minutes.

Sharon is in the locker room remembering what Swayam told.She thinks does really Swayam feel I do not value him.It is true I did not do it earlier but now if anyone is important then it is only him.I have changed it is because of his love.I have asked him sorry too infact even wore traditional clothes and tried to impress his family too.I do not know why I’m thinking all this.I never knew so much will change.Now Swayam does not have even few seconds to see me.Swayam does not get affected at all.Something is wrong.Wait what I’m doing is wrong by giving Swayam extra attention.Giving extra attention to boys means the detention of relationship.She thinks the plan must change.I’ll ignore him like before.He will not be able to tolerate as he is used to my attention and he will give me attention the problem is solved.Who said I’m not the Diva anymore .I’m back as DIva.

The gang thinks why did Rey have a change of meeting place.Rey says so we get new ideas in fresh air.He says he has a plan.The gang asks whats the plan when Rey say they must prepare a business proposal presentation and it must pitch things up.The gang says but resources is tough.They have had it all from rehearsal hall till dancing shoes.Rey says they will have to arrange the resources.Simmi says its complicated when Swayam replies its complicated but not impossible.Sharon repeats the same.The boys ask why is she repeating when Rinni says so everyone can understand it better.Rey asks o is everyone with him.He asks Amar and Nilesh to select and compile the best dance videos.Simmi and Rinni to go to colleges and see how many are interested in dance and how much campaigning is needed.Sharon says yes many want to dance but they do not have opportunities. Rey tells Swayam and Sharon when Sharon stops Rey saying she cannot work will Swayam.She can do her work herself and does not need any help.She adds saying she will not work with Swayam and that is final.Swayam thanks her saying he was about to deny and she did it herself.

Precap: Amar and Nil are watching a dance saying its superb.Rey turns to see ad is shocked.MOVE Video.Swayam talks with Kriya.Sharon behind.

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