Dil Dosti Dance 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 26th March 2013 Written Update

Rey says Sorry to Taani and she hugs him.The boys shout but stop seeing Swayam.When he claps they are hug him.The gang is in the rehearsal hall doing warm up.Vicky says about Swayam face at the moment when Aashi asks why is he so uncomfortable.Swayam says now he is far better cause someone told him.Phone rings and Sharon gets up to pick the call.

Neha says that now a days Taani has become a lot more hyper.Aashi says girls feel so.They discuss about what will happen when they get professional offer.The boys says Sharon will get angry and swayam says even Taani is getting high headed as well.Sharon comes in and says a good news guys.They have got an offer and they will pay full Rs 20,000.The gang is shocked.Sharon says she is excited and this time she spoke about the green room as well.

Taani is in the projector room and Rey comes in.He enters and says I’m here babe.He says he is here on time.Taani says no he is two minutes late.Rey says what everyone says about her is right.She has become hyper.She asks him is it true.Rey assures her that being the GS and handling so many responsibilities it is common.Taani shows him a AVI and tells the scheme of NDC.She says she told this so he can explain the team.She will upload this in the website.

The gang is in the atrium having fun.Sharon says its a birthday party and fun must be the element.The gang is having fun.A small boys Vs girls start.Simmi says a word(sorry I could not remember it) to which Rinni says that she is speaking like a weekling.Barath gets up and says who did u say a weekling.Amar tries to make him understand and Barath starts with him..A mess happens.Swayam comes and sees.He says continue this..Let people gather around and see how Junglee(wild) you are.Once the rest students Barath says he just said it.Swayam starts to say when barath says dont start the parvachan.Swayam comes near Sharon and Says that he needs to show her few videos of routines.The move a bit away,.He is explaining her some and gives her something.Sharon asks what is it to which he says you must have forgotten your morning dose.Am I right.Sharon agrees he is right.Swayam says now he must be the nurse.Sharon glares and says he cant,as the dress will not suite him even a bit..The gang joins and are seeing Swayam and Sharon laugh.They were admiring them Simmi says after a year they are in this stage.Neha says lets just wait and see.Sharon gets a message in her mobile.Both turns and the gang just splits.Sharon says that Rey is calling them to the projector room.

Taani goes to the library andf open the college likes.She sees the number of likes in the basket ball tournament.She finds a lot of buzz happening and opens to checks them.There were lot of comments questioning her capability reading which her eyes get filled up.A guys sees that she is reading the comments and this to passes up and all laugh at her.She moves out from the library and goes to locker room.There the girls talk about her and laugh hard.She turns and asks them why are they laughing and shouts .The girls say that she is crazy and move out.

She washes her face when she receives a text saying the E-auditions date are announced.Rey is in the projector room explaining the NDC rules.The guys feel its similar to footloose. They were discussing that they are the footloose winners and not of National Dance Championship and what must be their next step.Taani comes in saying E-auditions.Rey asked is the dates announced.Taani says just now.They come to know it is tomorrow.the gang is shocked how can this happen in such a short notice.They have their event tomorrow evening.Taani asks so what I never told you about dates..The gang is tensed as what to do now.

AVP calls Taani in cabin and says her that the whole responsibility of NDC is yours.The gang doing random dance in rehearsal hall when Taani enters and shouts is this what you will do in the auditions.She also asks Sharon being the Cs you are not helping.Sharon and Taani share a look. (Thank you NJ for the precap)

Update Credit to: asmaju

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