Dil Dosti Dance 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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VP calls them and tells them that since their papers have been postponed, you are the part of this college and he is arranging extra classes for them. They says ok, he says that further he wants to give them the responsibility of fresher’s party. Rey says that they didnt know where these 3 years went. Vp says it is the same with him. They all goes out after VP has warned them to avoid ragging. Simmi says in the corridor that they have only 2 months, Sharon tells her to leave this and think about the ideas for party now. She says that she will meet them all at night. THey asks why at night, she says that she is very busy right now as the auditions of her academy have started from today. She asks that when are they conducting auditions, wasnt it today? Rey says that they will start their auditions from tomorrow. After Sharon is gone, they all says that there are long queues of candidates at their side and they have no arrangements yet. Rey tells them not to lose hope, as they will also get the best dancers soon
Ishika drops her belongings coming downstairs. SHe was talking to Vishnu on phone, she is worried and tells Vishnu she doesnt know where to go- left or right. He tells her to take right. She asks him does all these people study in this college. She sits on a bench, a guy comes and sits with her. She stands up and says that she doesnt want to make friends here as people here are so strange.
Sharon gives instructions to her team members, Swayam comes and asks her doesnt she have some time. He is annoyed that she is ignoring her, she slept while he kept talking to her. She apologizes him holding her ear. He begins laughing, she beats him instead.
The waiter brings juice for her, she says she didnt call for it. Swayam says he ordered and tells her to drink it. She looks at him and says that I am your competitor still you take so much care for me. He says that for a healthy relationship they must care for each other. SHe says that he cant ever be wrong. They both hug each other, Sharon’s mom come and see them.
IShika asks someone where to submit the form, the guys ignore her. SHe thinks everyone here has an attitude problem and is worried. She fells down in the corridor, she thinks people will consider her mad. —- comes there and fells down as she come in his way. He says ‘touch me not’ and hands her her book. She says thankyou.
Swayam sees Sharon’s mom and they set apart. He says good morning aunty. She replies Good Morning, He asks how is she. She says she is busy and can she talk to her daughter for a moment. He leaves by pointing at the juice to her. She asks what does Sharon likes in that guy. Sharon says she like everything about him, his maturity, honesty and thinking. He considers her mom superior that himself.
Ishika tells —- not to tease her. Rey comes there and asks her what is wrong, is he ragging. He says that she is just lonely. Ishika calls her stupid, Rey tells her to come to her if she has some problem. She introduces herself to Rey, and leaves. Raghav thanks Rey for bringing a smile on her face. Rey asks did he like her, he says she isnt her type.He asks her where are the auditions taking place, Rey says that their auditions are tomorrow but shows him directions for the academy.
Rey, Nil and Vicky were worried seeing the queue. Raghav stood in the queue says that dida got him caught, KarmA sat somewhere nearby and says useless people who doesnt value dance. A girl come to Raghav and asks if she can stand before him in the queue as she has to go airport and pick her mom, he say your mom must be beautiful and shouldnt be made to wait. People behind resist but Raghav says to them that her mom is in hospital. Karma stands up and asks he didnt know airports also have ICU. Raghav and the girl tells him to stop but he is all ready to fight.
Raghav and Karma blames him, Karma says that his will come back taking a circle around her. The girl says the he is harassing her from the morning, Raghav asks him. Karma says look at her, he doesnt know her. Raghav says he will complain about him to the principle. They begin to fight, Nil and Vicky stops them and tells Karma to go to the last of row. Nil and Vicky says that they will catch their candidates from here.
Rey talks to someone on phone, Swayam asks him whats up. Rey tells him the bank is offering him the loan, upon his proposal. He shows him his new cell phone.
Nil and Vicky were sitting, two students come to them and says that they are nervous and the fee of the college is also high. THey give them their pamphlets, and urges them to come to the D3 acadmy auditions as well.
Kriya comes there, Rey asks her to sit and compels her to talk to Abhishek Kapoor as she must not leave any opportunity. She agrees, Nil and Vicky comes with the good news.
Huma comes to the college, and thinks how long a queue is here. Most people here must be useless, Karma stood in front of her. He says to her did she say useless? He says that you girls just talk to the guys and when they speak in return you complain. Huma tells him to mind his own business, her time is precious and she can get selected without giving auditions. He tells her to go home then, she says we shall see who will go home.
The girl inside comes out and tells Raghav that the girl inside thinks she doesnt know dance and goes away in disappointment. Raghav hopes for the best, comes inside and sees Sharon. He says Hot! Sharon says excuse me, he says I cant dance in front of you, my feet wont move. Sharon tells him to leave, he says seeing you I cant leave the chance.They begin, Raghav dances well. Sharon asks Done? He asks did he dance well. She says you are an average dancer. You have cleared the auditions, she says you will be informed. She tells him to focus more on dance than girls. She asks does he know the fee structure. He says he is selected. Sharon smiles.
Nil and Vicky says that students will come to their acadmy, they have made arrangements for them.
Raghav and Karma comes across each other.

PRECAP: Sharon’s mom tells her that outside your friends distributed their flyers among the participants, many left. Nil and Vicky were about to tell anyone when Sharon comes and shouts that have they got any integrity. She collected candidated with much hardwork, and they took them away> How proudlu she boasted that these are her friends.

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