Dil Dosti Dance 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th April 2014 Written Update

The VP shouts at the guests ‘Get out’ the dean asks ‘Excuse me’ Rey thinks he will get us killed. Nil and Vicky thinks that they must make them realize that he is the real waiter. They come in the dance hall, and sees students in the hall. Vicky asks who you are. They tell us they are the first year students and have permission from VP sir to practice for an event. Nil tells them to go out because they have an important task here. They retaliate and tells them to come to VP. Nil and Vicky calm them down at VP’s name and leave the hall.

The dean stands up and asks what kind of a behavior that is. Rey explains that he meant to say that let’s get out and get dancing. He says that the VP sir believes that one should dance in open as nobody is seeing them so they have made

a motto for themselves that says ‘Get out and Get dancing.’ The dean gets skeptical for a moment then say impressive. They sit down again. The tea comes and VP serves them each cup by himself. The peon tells Rey he feels something awkward. Rey hush him outside. Rey comes out at Vicky’s call. He tells him that there are students at the dancing hall, they have permission and were coming to VP. Rey says they must evacuate the hall without letting them see the fake VP. Kriya comes running and tells something is wrong. They go inside. The fake VP was pouring tea in saucer before taking the sip from it. Rey and Swayam explain that this is the right way to take tea in India. It improves digestion. They also start following him. Swayam suggests they should start taking a round of college and start with the rehearsal hall, Rey says they can’t begin with the rehearsal hall but dean says why not, it’s the perfect place to begin with and gets up to leave. Rey is worried what they are going to do. Vicky and Nil comes to dancing hall, the students were still practicing but were arguing about certain steps. Vicky and Nil comes and tells them they will teach them a few steps. They perform and the students were too impressed to agree to leave the hall but asked them to help, they promised.

The delegates arrive in the rehearsal hall. The fake VP was saying very well at every sentence. Rey deters him to speak something else. The peon tells Sharon that something is wrong. Sharon tells him to be quiet. The dean asks the VP that do you really think you college is worth getting the affiliation from Newyork University? He kept swinging and smiling. He says ‘No, not at all.’

Vicky and Nil comes to canteen and says ‘so many people’. Nil gives suggestions but Vicky thinks about an idea.

Rey tells Vicky to explain the meaning of this not at all. Swayam says that it means we don’t deserve getting the affiliation, we demand it; because we think we are the best dancers in the world. He says them to consult his dictionary for the rest of his lines. He asks ‘Boliye’ dance is everywhere, it is in our blood, tradition, culture, we live dance and we die dance, they says Dil Dosti Dance! If there is dance then there are we. Therefore we don’t deserve it, we demand it. The dean says I love your team spirit, but we need to take the round of college first. Rey says to go to the canteen.

Nil and Vicky announces in the canteen that there is shooting of Katrina and Ranbir outside the canteen. Everybody leaves.

The VP says Good Morning to all the students saying Good Afternoon to him. Kriya tells Rey to tell him you get extra energy by saying good morning at any time. The dean understands. They come to canteen. It was empty. He asks where there are no students. Kriya says that there are classes going on. He says lets go to classes.

Nil and Vicky thinks why classrooms now. Vicky says everything is going perfect and no one can snatch the affiliation. They head towards the classes when they hit the VP. They ask you! What are you doing here? He asks Nilesh and Vicky? How are you speaking? They see the delegates and the fake VP going from his behind. He scolds them and asks that they should be out of the college. They apologize but he says somebody called him that college is on fire and students are trapped, so he had to come back. He leaves to check but they stop him and take them to the back of the college. Dean gets a call; he says we are extremely sorry but they have to leave for another meeting. They greet each other and leave.
Nil and Vicky shows VP that there was no fire and tells him it must be a prank call. He says it is ridiculous and leaves to meet Ruhi.

Kriya and Rey escort the guests; after they leave he pays the fake VP. Rey keeps hand on Kriya’s shoulder but remove as she was uncomfortable, they discusses that they have told a lot of lies. VP keeps a hand on Kriya’s shoulder. They turn around and ask that they had given him the payment, why did he return. VP asks what’s wrong with you guys. They were shocked.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam were in a restaurant, Sharon sees someone in the window. She runs after her saying it was Ruhi. They come out but no one was there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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