Dil Dosti Dance 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Swayam and Sharon walking together .They go on to get dressed.Taani is the VPs room when VP asks her about the rehearsals.She says seeing the routine she feels one team will be tough.VP asks her to inform the team and ask them to come and meet him.She says Rey has gone out for some NDC related research.Sharon comes into the room and sees Swayam deeply engrossed in some thoughts.She takes the stole that was on the bed and moves towards Swayam.Nilesh enters saying whats up guys.The gang is happy to see Nil after long.The boys are in the corridor teaching Dance steps to Nilesh when Vicky gets a call from Taani.He is first shocked and wants to ignore but picks up saying he is not scared of Taani.Vicky answers the call with attitude.Taani asks him where are they.He asks her why did she call and says he questioned first and so she must answer.Taani says half of the numbers are unreachable half not picking the call and that means they are together.

Vicky says they are outside.Taani says VP is calling them,Vicky holds and speaks with the guys related to it.They think she is fooling them and make wired sounds after which they disconnect the call.They all meet in a room and decide to move.While Sharon was walking down Swayam holds her and asks her if she had taken her inhaler as she is going to Dance.She says she has taken it and both moves down.

Rinni moves and welcomes everyone in the hall and Nilesh starts the dance.The whole team dances to the beats of Dholi Tharo Dhol Bajhe.After the completion they receive a great applause from the people gathered for the event.The gang is happy and has a group hug.Swayam and Sharon see each other.The whole team comes into the green room and again have a group hug showing their happiness.

Vicky informs about Taani’s call to them when Swayam says it could be true.Rinni asks if they told her about the event.The boys says no.Sharon asks them to check.She says its must be a prank as she did not have any calls.Aashi checks and says she has many calls.Sharon asks Swayam to call and when he calls Taani informs him that they must come to rehearsal hall as soon as possible.

Swayam inform this and gang moves.Once they reach Taani asks them where were they before they go out they must inform her as its college hours.Vp was asking for them.What will she answer.Sharon replies saying what did she say where was Rey?

Precap:VP informs the team about elimination in 3 days asking if they are prepared.Team is shocked and says what.VP asks didnt they know.They tell they did not know.Sharon asks when the dates were out why was it not informed.Taani says you have been rehearsing for so many days.She adds that you will never leave your event for College.VP asks Event.Swayam says to Taani not to pass any comments that will lead her to trouble.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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