Dil Dosti Dance 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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In the workshop, the all discuss about the condition of the workshop. Simmi says aren’t they serious about this place. Rey says that renting a place is very costly, they will make it a bit different. Swayam says that they will decorate this place and gives it a personality bucking them up that they will make their academy a different one.
Ishika thanks Mishna that hadn’t he been there where she must have gone. He says she must have been there. She says she is sure he will always be with her, after he dad he helped her at every step. He says that she has to see Mumbai and go to college from tomorrow as well. Mishna assures her that she will find very good friends at the college.
They all work to improve and decorate the workshop. After they are done, Rey says one thing is left. Swayam says oh, yess. Rey opens a group photo of them together. Simmi appreciates their work. Swayam says that now they will only have to wait for the students.
A girl practices Indian classical dance. It is Huma. Her mother comes and says that if their drama has come to an end, she must change so that they can go for audition. Her college is beginning from tomorrow; her dad comes forward to ask which college. Her mom tells her to go inside and tells him St. Luois College that will fulfill her dreams and take her to NewYork academy. he asks are there her dreams or Huma’s. She says she actually saw dreams for her.
Kriti and Vicky are in a coffee shop, Kriti is uncomfortable there. She gets a call and tells the person on call that she is in a nearby coffee shop. Kriti looks at someone and stands up. She introduces Vicky to Ajeet as his fiancé. Vicky stands up to shake hands with him. He doesn’t take it. He asks so you are that dance teacher. Vicky says that she is my friend. He says he doesn’t like Kriti keeping male friends, did you pay his fees till now. She must have paid her fees uptil now, as it is a cousin’s marriage not a competition. He asks Kriti to go. Vicky thinks is Kriti marrying such a man.
Rahul challenges people on bet; the announcer asks if someone can compete him. A guy raises his hand, and comes forward. He begins the dance. In the beginning, he falls down. Rahul dances against him. in the second round, he dances better than Rahul. The host announces that Karma Vanchuk has won the competition today and the money goes to him. Karma takes the money, and takes a voucher of dance mania feeling relieved now.
Sharon’s mom comes downstairs. She says she didn’t know when her daughter grew up. Sharon says she can’t compile her work. Her mom says that the credit to it goes to herself too, as she is her daughter. Sharon says that tomorrow is a big day and she must sleep. Sharon says she will do it tomorrow and lays to sleep. Swayam calls her, she picks up the call while sleep on call. Swayam calls her name, she says she is sleepy and tired. Swayam discusses the plan with her about a party. Sharon is asleep on the other side. He smiles, says Good bye Sharon; I love you.
Abhishek sees Rey in the market and introduces himself again. He says that Kriya is a talented girl, but her decision making powers are not strong. Rey says that she isn’t interested. Abhishek says that she told me the reason yesterday that she would have taken the offer had she not been busy with the dance academy. He says he is disappointed that you can’t let you girl friend succeed more than you, as the academy is your dream. Abhishek says that Kriya can be the next super star for this country, but she is sacrificing for his dream, and he is letting her do this. Such an attitude and ego isn’t good. Rey takes his collar and tells her to mind his tongue. He says sorry, but do think that if you love Kriya, her dream should be as important to you as yours it to her. He leaves, while Rey thinks about what he said.
Next morning, Raghav comes to the college, thanks the girl in the car for lift and says that he left his number in her car. She takes her, her comes across a peon who drops his papers. He leaves peon alone.
The taxi driver asks Karma in English that has he got a change, Karma says in hindi that you need a change, take this. He comes inside saying St. Luois watch it.
Ishika’s books fall down as she comes down the stairs.
People turn around to see as Huma comes to St. Luois dance registrations and says that it has happened ammi, as she has no competition in this academy.

PRECAP: Raghav and Ishika comes across each other in the corridor. Huma and Karma have and argument standing in the audition queue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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