Dil Dosti Dance 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th April 2014 Written Update

They all look at the waiter while he feels awkward about it. Bharat says there is a full field grown over his head. Kriya says imaging him without this field. He runs away. Kriya discusses an idea with the group.

Swayam gives medicine to Sharon. She says this is so bitter. Swayam says that to know something’s sweetness, we must know the bitterness as well. Sharon asks why he is talking like an old man. He says he wanted to say that their love was meant to suffer all this bitterness. She says but now there is no bitterness, just you and me. She says she is saddened about Ruhi. Swayam tells her he is very proud of Sharon as she forgave her and dint even file a complaint. She says she knew it that she was doing it because she fall in love and one cannot think much when he is in love.

They get a fake VP.
They all call the waiter for the bill. He says your bill was just Rs. 500. They say that the rest is your tip. He says only Rs 100. Rey says that to make up more money he needs to work for him. Vicky takes him aside, puts his hand on his mouth and explains him everything. He says a big no. Kriya goes inside and asks to talk to him. He says that I will not shave my head at any cost. She tells Vicky and Rey to go outside. Kriya comes in a while and says that Kamlesh is ready, they asks who Kamlesh? She says the waiter Kamlesh! They all celebrate. Kriya tells them to take care of his makeover while she will look for other things.

At night, the boys bring him to the dressing room and Rey shaves his head. They dress him up like VP and puts on glasses. Then they teach him to act like the VP. He was coming out of the stairs whistling, Rey stops him and tells him to come on time. They need to work on his pronunciation. The girls were waiting in the dressing room. Kriya asks Rey to pick the guests from airport. They decide they will give the reception in a proper Indian way. She says that tomorrow is going to be a big day so they must go to sleep now. Vicky says he is a bit afraid, Simmi agrees. Rey says that they have come so far that they cannot back up. They buck each other up.

The next day, they were in the college. Kriya fears that the Dean must be here anytime. Simmi asks did they call that waiter. Nil calls him, listens and says what? They were worried but he says he is already in the college. They fear he might forget his dialogues. Vicky says he kept a paper in which his dialogues are written in Hindi, he hopes that no one knows he is reading them. Kriya asks what they will do at the time of performance. Nil says he will provide him with the lines. Sharon and Swayam come. Swayam asks are they standing for their reception, Kriya tells them her Dean is coming. They both came in shock but Kriya says she didn’t want to disturb Sharon. The guest arrives. Kriya says hi to them, introduces him with the team, Simmi does the ‘Aarti’ while Kriya puts flowers around their necks. They all introduce themselves. He asks where the VP is. They were all speechless. Swayam was about to say something when he comes from the back saying ‘good Maarning’, comes forward and shakes hands with them. Sharon asks weren’t you in Delhi? The fake VP asks “In Dehli?” the guests were also confused. Swayam also repeats the question that you were in Delhi. He says he went to Delhi yesterday but returned. Kriya and Rey shouts together that yes, Delhi is near so he returned. Rey asks shall they proceed to the VP’s cabin. Rey stops Sharon and Swayam and tells them he is not VP but his alike. Sharon asks what if the VP comes back, but he says they had no choice so they must pretend for some time.

VP sir’s cabin was locked, the peon got shocked looking at him, and he asks you were on leave. Rey tells him to open the door. They come inside. The Fake VP sits on the side chairs, they had to make him sit on the right chair, he then remarks about the burden of chair, upon which the dean asks what he was saying about the burden. Kriya clarifies he wanted to say about the burden of responsibilities. Next he holds the file and starts cleaning the dust on it, the dean looks at him skeptically, Kriya asks Rey and he explains he like to clean all his things by himself. The dean appreciates the philosophy. He asks him what he thinks about dance? VP does not agree the questions. They all do the actions of dance. He looks for a minute then shouts ‘Get Out!’ Everyone hold their heads.

PRECAP: Vicky and Nil were celebrating in the corridor that everything was going well. VP comes. They ask him rudely what he was doing here. VP sir speaks to them and asks in what tone they were speaking to him, they see the fake VP and the delegates going in the corridor behind.

Update Credit to: Niki

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