Dil Dosti Dance 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Swayam and Sharon start doing the aarti when the light of diya(lamp) flickers, both Swayam and Sharon keep their hand in way to avoid it from turning it off and both see each other.The continue the aarti. Vicky tells see how two enemies are doing aarti together. The gang prays to god to make them good in the carriers and are worried they have no other talent than dancing.The aarti is done and pandit first applies tilak on Swayam and then on Sharon.Swayam walks back to the gang.The pandit asks Sharon to distribute the prasad.Sharon thinks and then calls Aashi and asks her will she do. Asshi says so soon you agreed to prayers god and goes to get the prasad.Sharon then tells Aashi her Indian Attire. Aashi panics when Sharon tells she looks good in it. Aashi starts to distribute

the prasad to the girls and then to boys.All boys fill both their hands with the prasad. Rey comes and asks the boys will they only be eating and they move.Aashi notices the plate empty and then sees Swayam.She goes to him, he turns and says the plate is empty.Aashi says boys ate it. Swayam says no issues.Aashi says she knew this will happen and so she took one for her.She brings her palm forward that has modak and both share it.Sharon sees this and gets angry and moves away.

Vicky and Nilesh are sitting on the stairs when Barath and Amar join them.They were playing Dumb sharats.Sharon comes and stands there a bit tensed. Rey says the captain of girls team looks tensed.They tease saying girls will losse and so.Swayam and Aashi join the team when Rey notices Sharon and says yeah Baat hai. Swayam asks what it is when Sharon says Baat is about Baath.The boys tease saying Sharon has gone crazy when Sharon says girls are intelligent.Swayam says words like intelligent don’t suit Sharon.Sharon says if you are so intelligent then solve this puzzle. Baat Baat ki baat hai,Festival ki raat hai,Opening tho honi hai ,Par baat nahi tho kya baat hai. The boys are confused when Swayam says its speech.Rey asks Sharon is it true when Sharon nods.Vicky stands up and says he will give speech.The boys ask has he ever given speech when he says in 2nd standard. This continues when they tell it must be in front of other colleges. Sharon says girls lets go when Swayam asks boys to do the same.They also decide that they must organize of evening fest.

The preparations for Ganesh Mahostav are taking place when Vicky and Nilesh see a reception and remember about them entering NDC. Swayam and Sharon remember their dance infront of Adi, Barath and Amar see two guys practicing near steps.Aashi sees a girl dancing in canteen. The whole team sees the stage and remembers about NDC dance. the team is in canteen all gloomy when Amar comes with a tray of Modak.The team takes it,Rey asks its just the start of the day and all have lost energy.The team tells they are missing something,it looks like something is lost and so on.Rey asks are they thinking what he is and asks about dancing when Swayam says he needs to speak about and team diverts there and he says if they continue sitting here no one will win boys Vs girls.Sharon says by 4 pm if its not done the team looses..Boys and girls move out to prepare

Precap: Rey asks Swayam does he still love Sharon when Swayam says he will do it for life time. Boys Vs Girls continues.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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