Dil Dosti Dance 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharon asks Swayam what happened. Swayam says she is fine, and was creating a drama. She says she is really not fine, and takes her hand putting on her back saying she has back ache. He shouts that why she start doing it again and again. She says she wants to bring romance back in their life, and leaves the room annoyed.

Huma sits in halfway. Karma asks does she think it is a café. She tells him not to show much attitude, and may leave. Karma gets afraid as he moves a little further. He come back, and says I am sorry, now lets go.

Swayam and Sharon come out of the room. They dance (On song: Ponay 12 Baje) and he finally hugs her. Karma and Huma also performs on the same song. Karma still stood with Huma, waiting for her. Chintoo’s parents say that they must eat before them. Simmi and Sara get up and insist that they must eat with them. Sara take Rey’s plate after dinner. He says thank you. She keeps watching him, when Chintoo asks will she eat him too.

They come out singing. Vicky hears an ankle; Sara says it can be hers. Lakhan and Alok come there, and asks will they become blind wearing clothes like him. Alok says they must not believe him, as they are traitors. Rey asks Lakhan to leave his way. Alok says that if his Chamiya says this to him, they can leave; and asks about Sharon. Rey takes Lakhan and beats them. Rey holds Alok by collar, and deters him to stay away from his group mates. They come back to tell Swayam and Sharon, that they were asking about Alok and Lakhan. Bharat says Rey didn’t let him beat them. Swayam asks why. Rey says this will degrade their image in front of villagers as well, they must find a permanent solution about this.

Lakhan says to Alok, that they must not leave this way. They must call him now.
Rey couldn’t sleep. Sara comes to him, and says nothing will happen to anyone. Rey says he has brought them all here, and he can’t let them suffer. He says he asked Simmi to stay here for a week, but it is time he shouldn’t pressurize anyone to stay. He comes out to Simmi. She got annoyed listening to him, and looks away. She hugs Rey. Nil comes there, they all come too and promises that they won’t leave. Rey looks at Sara, and gets that she brought them all. They all hug him.

Vicky thinks he will record about the night girl. He watches the girl with the white dress, she calls him to come to him as she was waiting for him. He asks his? She says she comes for him at nights. He comes close. She says Oh my eeshwar Karma! lets run away from the village. Vicky says why must they run away, and asks is she afraid. He turns to look back, and she vanishes. He says she must have told her name.

Ishika looks at Raghv, thinking he hasn’t left her able to think about anyone else. Raghv wakes up, and asks what is she doing. He is sleepy, she must go to her bed. Huma comes there, listening to this and kicks Raghv. He says she is her problem. She says she is watching about them. He tells her to let him sleep. She says she knows they love. Raghv is frustrated, and asks has she seen her face and her dressing; they are on different poles. She says she can’t be wrong. He stands up and shouts that a guy like him can never like Ishika. Ishika hears this. Huma asks why isn’t Raghv accepting his love.

PRECAP: Sara picks up a stone, and says to Rey that she will throw it up, he doesn’t have to look up. She will save him. She throw the stone and pushes Rey falling on him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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