Dil Dosti Dance 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharon apologizes Rey that she is sorry, she cant help them. Rey is in anger, Swayam asks why is he so irritated. Rey says that now the friends have also stopped to help them. he says he just told her that they must divide the areas for marketing as their budget is limited. But she rejected him rudely. Swayam says there must be some reason behind her behavior and he will go as her. Rey wonders what can be the reason behind her behavior.
Swayam comes and calls Sharon. She doesn’t listen as she was busy with some work. He comes and turns off the music and asks her when she has started to listen such loud music. She says she turned it loud so that she can’t listen to any voice. He tells her he is coming from Rey. She asks so he told you that I refused to help him. Swayam asks is this true? She stands up, he asks again. She shouts saying ‘what else should she do? ’ she says she promised her mom, she was told by him that she must work hard for her commitment; what else shall she do. She turns away and says that now he should also get angry. He comes forward and hugs her. He tells her he isn’t judging her, she should relax and do her job. The problem is in their expectations, as their academies are now competitors. She says you all are together, while I ll go alone. He says that she thinks she is alone even when he is there. She hugs him, he tells her he will always be with her.
In the caferia, Nil asks Simmi will she ever leave him like Rinni. Simmi says has she intended to leave him she should never have held his hand. Simmi tells him that her dad wants to meet him; he is a strict type as he is an ex- RAW agent. Vicky comes and shows them St. Luois academy’s ad. She says they will now have to work on some solid plan together. Vicky sees Nil’s mouth open. He asks what happened to him. simmi says it’s the happiness about meeting her dad. Vicky runs recalling his class times with Kriti.
Rey is boxing vigourously, Swayam says that Sharon is his best friend and he knows her better than him. Rey says he doesn’t know this new Sharon. Swayam says that she will never do anything without any reason.
Rey looks at him, Swayam says you also know that I am also right. Rey shouts in frustration that whenever they think about the dance academy some problems come in the way and goals begin going away. Infact now the friends are going apart now, we didn’t want this. Swayam says that no dream cant be fulfilled without ups and downs and Sharon did this for you and Kriya, we promised her to help her always. And aren’t we wrong in expecting from her that she should help her. Rey looks at Swayam and kiss him hard on his cheek. Swayam asks in disgust what was this. Rey tells him to marry him as he makes him understand the way no wife even can. Swayam tells him to stop this, Rey says this is just his love for him. they both goes away laughing.
Vicky and Kriti are doing dance practice. He takes her in his hands as she slips. She apologizes after straightening up, she says she brought something for him. He gives her the fee for five classes, he says he cant take this. She says if he doesn’t take it, she wont come to the next class. He says and if he takes it, she will come to the next class, she smiles and says sure she will. He says you should be and actress, as you change your moods so easily. She says hadn’t I be a doctor, I must be an actress. He says he could never see this face of hers, she must have kept hidden it for her fiancé. She gets serious. He asks does he know about her talent, she says whats the need of such dreams that can’t be fulfilled. He says that how will he understand about her dreams like him, if she doesn’t tell him. She takes her bag and begins to leave saying it is already very late.
Sharon instructed all the team members about the packup and everything. She sees the list and sees a man saying Vicky you should look after the sound setup. The man corrects her he is Amit. She tells him to go and thinks how ugly it seems alone and hopes their work is also going good.
Rey tells everyone that they must conduct the auditions soon as St Luois is doing it tomorrow. Swayam says that they have just one thing to compensate on the infrastructure, setup and finances. It’s our dance and we want the best dancers in our academy.
Sharon checks the list; her mom comes and tells her that she didn’t know her daughter is such a good manager. Tomorrow, for the first time the gates of this college will open for the best dancers in the world and a new chapter in the history of college will begin.
Next morning, Rey and Swayam stand in the hall and say they have so many memories in every corner of this college in the last 3 years. They all discuss that they have started to take decisions together, and have started to own them too. They have grown up. Nil says that the best thing is that they are still together. Nil says that we all aren’t together. Sharon comes to the college, Rey goes to her and hugs her. They both say sorry to each other. Rey says that he should tell sorry to her today and apologizes her for telling to do wrong to her. They all laugh and hug. She says she is happy that they understand her. Rey complains that will she send his boyfriend everytime they fight. Sharon denies any fight with him and hugs him. he pushes her to Sharon, Sharon thanks Swayam. amit say that they must now do a party. Rey says that this is a good idea, they will give the freshers a party and this way can also find dancer for their own academies.
Swayam says that most of the people even don’t know about their talents, and they just show it in weddings. There comes an entry of Raghav, who dances in the weddings.
Sharon tells the team about the audition’s duties. As they leave, Swayam knocks the door. She says why he is knocking; he says he thought if he would create a mess. She says he must never mess with her even, he says you must be forgetting that Sharon is my girlfriend. She says oh really, you must be dreaming. He says it this is a dream; he never wants to wake up. She asks why he is saying like this. He says now that they are competitors he is afraid that they might not get apart. She places her hand on his mouth, she say she can’t think about getting apart from him. She says is there relationship so weak that they can’t handle a competition in the opposite team. He says she is just talking like him. She takes it as a compliment. They both promise that they won’t mix their personal and professional lives.

PRECAP: Raghav is in a bedroom dancing with the bride. Dida comes there and holds his ear. She tells him to go home and sleep now as his college begins from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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