Dil Dosti Dance 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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In the morning, Simmi says they just have to rehearse and get ready. Rey tells them that the costumes aren’t ready. Swayam tells them to calm down, as they have handled it before. Rey says he just has three hours. Sharon says she and Simmi will go home to do something about the costumes. They all head to preparations. Huma sits on Karma’s bike reluctantly. Sharon and Simmi aren’t able to figure out about the costumes. Rey doesn’t let Sara pick heavy weight. Sharon and Simmi come and says they couldn’t find any costumes. Sara asks Rey to talk to sponsors. A man comes with drape stripes of white and red in colour. Sharon asks how much time they will take. The man says they can do it in 1 hour. Sharon suggest what about doing it in costumes, Huma agrees and goes to help the tailor. Sharon tells the boy that she will ask her mom to get them costumes from store.
To the tailor, Huma prays that everything gets well.
Rey meets Sara, she asks him to calm down. He says this is Kriya’s dream. Sara says his lucky charm, i.e me. He asks her to change the lift step. She says that is the main step. He says this will strain his back, she asks him not to be a delicate darling. He thinks about Kriya, and asks what if he throws her down. She says they have practiced about it. Rey thinks that he must focus.
Rey calls Huma, when the goons come and give him agreement papers. They warn him that he will lose his property if they doesn’t get the payment. Swayam hears this.
Sharon and girls wait for Huma. Sharon hands her a bag of clothes to Sharon. She asks about Huma, but he says he doesn’t know. Sharon gets the clothes, Simmi suggests to try the dresses.
Swayam asks Rey why he risked his property, and didn’t even tell him. What was the need to take such big decision. Rey says it was needed. Swayam says he is going to tell everyone. Rey says no, or there will be much tension among the group.
The girls are worried that the costumes are tight. Nil tells Simmi that the truck of costumes have come, and shows Simmi a costume. Simmi cheers that he solved her problem, and goes inside. Nil goes to tell Rey that there is some problem.
Rey asks Swayam not to tell anyone. Swayam says everyone must know about the situation, else how will they support her. Nil comes there and tells him that the problem isn’t solved. Rey and Swayam goes to check. Bharat says that spot light isn’t moving, someone will have to move it. Swayam asks where is its operator. Bharat says they didn’t. Rey says they don’t have time now. Amar asks how will it go them. Bharat suggests that he has no pair, so he will move it. Karma comes asking about Huma. Rey gets worried, Swayam calms him down. He asks Nil and Vicky to receive the sponsors, and divides further duties.
Sharon tries Huma’s number, Swayam and Rey come there and ask about the problem in costumes. Sharon says they will sort it out. Rey asks what it is. Sara says there was costume problem, but she managed. Rey looks at her, from bottom to top. Rey is angry, as it is Kriya’s costume. Sharon says they could just manage this one, right now. Swayam says they don’t know what he has done, but Rey tells him to be quiet. Karma comes and says Huma’s phone is switched off. Swayam gets a call, that sponsors are here.
Vicky and Nil introduces themselves. Rey and Swayam come there. He gives them 10 minutes, after which he has to go to a meeting. Swayam and friends go to change. Karma thinks it is all because of him, he cheated his team before as well. Huma comes and says she isn’t like him, to break his friend’s trust. Sharon opens the door, Huma says her mother wasn’t alright so she had to give her the medicine. Sharon asks her to change. Bharat comes to announce that spot light issue has been resolved. They all sat tensed, ready to perform. Rey says we are ready, lets do this. Vicky wish, he could dance as well. Rey says he is here, is important.
Swayam says it is a ‘do or die’ situation for them. Rey has forsaken everything. Rey interferes, that they will do what they do in this situation. The team come together, cheers and goes to perform.

PRECAP: The sponsor announce that they are selected, the team is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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