Dil Dosti Dance 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Swayam and Aashi are recording the scratch damce for the album.Sharon comes there and becomes upset about their dance.She runs from there crying and gets a call from Rey.She picks the calls and tells Rey that Swayam and Aashi are together and hangs up while crying.Rey thinks something major has happened between Swayam and Sharon.

Swayam and Aashi finish recording and Aashi goes to transfer the video.Swayam gets a call from Sharon who is crying badly.Swayam gets worried and asks her what is wrong. Sharon apologizes for her behaviour .She was insensitive and she didn’t try to understand Swayam’s feelings.She accepts that after witnessing Swayam dancing with Aashi she could understand his condition after the poster leak.Swayam thanks her for understanding his feeling

and asks her where is she so that he can meet her.Sharon says they will meet in the morning and will go for camping .They won’t tell anyone about this and spend exclusive time with each other .Swayam is touched by her gesture and they convey their love for each other.

Aashi goes to Aditya Khurana and gives her the CD of scratch dance.She asks for 3 days leave which Aditya approves.Aditya asks her if all have signed the contracts.Aashi says only Swayam has not signed it.

Rey thinks he was lonely during his heart break but he won’t let Sharon face it alone.He calls Sharon but Sharon avoids his call as she wants the day to be fully dedicated to Swayam.Both Swayam and Sharon message Rey that they are not coming to office due to personal reason.Rey thinks they are not coming to college to avoid each other .He decided to talk to Sharon and help them in solving misunderstandings.

Aditya shows the video to his sponsors and they are impressed by Swayam and Aashi.They offer to sign specially Swayam as a lead dancer as he is a very talented dancer.Aditya takes things personally and says Rey and Sharon are far better dancer than these two .He tells them he doesn’t need to justify his choice.He neglects sponsors suggestion to take Swayam as a lead dancer and says he manages only one talent at one time.While coming out of the meeting room Aditya decides to throw Swayam out of the team.He says nobody doubts his choice.He decided to prepare a much better routine with Rey and Sharon so that he prove Rey is much better than Swayam.He decided to make Rey opposite Swayam so that he can be the winner of this game .

Aditya and Rey are having a meeting.Aditya tells Rey that Swayam has denied to sign the contract.Rey tried to justify saying Swayam was having problem with few clauses.But Aditya says Swayam is having problem since beginning .He was not happy about being scratch dancer.He was not comfortable abour Sharon and Rey pairing in the album.He informs Rey that Swayam has talked to him about an exclusive contract and being the lead dancer .He says Swayam wants to compete with Rey and wants to prove to Sharon that he is no less than Rey.Rey asks how he knows about Swayam and Sharon.Aditya answers to him saying he is experienced in sensing such things.He tells Rey that Swayam loves Sharon so he can’t tolrate her in anyone elses arms.So he wants to prove himself better than Rey and as her prince charming.

Aditya tells Rey that Swayam wants him to release his and Aashi’s video .So Aditya says he has decided to drop Swayam from the team as he doesn’t deserve to be in the team.Aditya manupulates saying Swayam always had problem with Rey and Sharon pairing.Rey recalls their fights about the pairing.Aditya says Swayam is insecure about being the back ground dancer so he wants Aditya to release the video .So that he will be popular as a lead and he can make Sharon jealous.Swayam is playing mind games to gain popularity.So Aditya has decided to prepare a routine with Rey and Sharon which will be better than Swayam’s routine.He says Rey not to tell Swayam about this.

PRECAP:Aditya says Rey he has goes choreographers to prepare his routine with Sharon.So Sharon has to come.Personal reasons can wait.Rey thinks he will prepare routine with Sharo and make Sharon forget all her worries.Only he will be Nation’s next dancing sensation.


Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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