Dil Dosti Dance 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Sharon asks Swayam to stay in the hospital with her tonight. Swayam sits with her, Sharon becomes happy. Swayam tells her to lie down as he adjusts her bed and sits beside her. He gives her the medicines and when she fell asleep, he places her hand over her.

Rey and Kriya are served their helpings. Kriya eats it remarking at every bite. She shouts she ate chilli. Rey gets her a water bottle; she drinks it in one full gulp. Rey was laughing at her. She asks what? He says you nose resembles a monkey’s nose. She gets up and looks at it in the mirror of the car. He laughs more telling her to look at her manners. She throws the water from the bottle at her. He gets hold of her and lay her on the car. They look at each other. The old couple comes to them, and blesses them to be a couple

forever. Kriya thinks that foreigners can see in us what we are unable to see ourselves. Rey thinks that I will remove the fear that exists in you Kriya.

Rey is in the locker room in the college thinking about him and Kriya last night. He thinks you always look cute Kriya either you are red with anger or spice. Vicky comes and sees Rey laughing. He slaps him and says here I am so worried and you are laughing. Rey says I am also in a problem but in a good way. Vicky tells him that Kriya’s college authorities are coming two days earlier; they want to see the college and meet VP sir as well. Rey says they will have to think about something as they can’t tell VP sir about it. Vicky says he is already on a two day leave due to Ruhi. Rey says they must discuss with everyone. Vicky says they must call everyone out of the college somewhere.

Swayam was packing, Sharon says she will help and is getting late for college. Doctor comes and tells her she had to take rest. He appreciates Swayam that it is only because of his care that she has got a dis-charge. Sharon asks Swayam was he on doctor’s side or hers? He points at doctor saying he is at her health’s side. Doctor says that if she feels better by noon, than she can go to college but for a little while. Swayam repeats his instructions ‘for a little while.’ As doctor leaves, she tells Swayam she will go to college.

They were all sitting on a table in a cafeteria. Rey tells them the situation. Simmi says I knew it from day one that we will got caught. Rey says we have to find some way out, so just think. Waiter comes and asks what they will take. Vicky asks what food is. Everyone argues how he could eat in such a situation, but Nil orders him to get coffee and vegetable sandwiches. Rinni says they must tell VP sir about everything. Everyone discourages her. Kriya says they will have to deal with it in a different way. Rey appreciates her. the waiter brings coffee and serves sandwiches. Kriya asks him for ketchup. He turns around but she calls him from back. He turns around. She asks him she has seen him somewhere. He says he is about to come on the big screen. Rey asks him are you both done now, the waiter leaves. Kriya says his face is very familiar.

Swayam was telling Sharon that she has to rest. VP sir knocks at the door. Swayam tells him to come in. VP sir apologizes her saying I am extremely sorry about that. She says not to say sorry and asks him how Ruhi is. He tells them that he is going to Delhi for her treatment as a doctor from London is here for a conference. He asks her not to file a complaint against her though she has all the right. She promises that she won’t. As he leaves Swayam tells her that he is going out for some paper work. Sharon urges him to be quick as she is getting late for college.

The waiter brings the bill. Kriya again looks at him closely. He combs his hair, Vicky objects his action. He says you are jealous because you haven’t got such hair. Soon I am going to come in the shampoo ads. Kriya is watching him, imagining him as VP sir. She shouts ‘VP Sir!’ they all hide beneath the table, she says look at him he is just like VP sir. They look at him in awe.

PRECAP: They shave the waiter’s head and give him the looks of VP sir. The delegation arrives but he doesn’t understand anything they say, and tells them to ‘Get out’ at a question. Everyone is worried.

Update Credit to: Niki

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