Dil Dosti Dance 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Swayam is in his bedroom completely lost in his thoughts about the past happenings about ShaRey and Sharon and himself where as the gang is happily doing warm ups in the atrium and having a fun time to rehearse together. Sharon calls Swayam to talk to him but he doesn’t answer it. Later Aashi calls him and he answers it and states that he is unwell and can’t attend the rehearsals as for today. Sharon gets upset seeing that Swayam answered to Aashi’s call and not hers. Rey tries to calm her but she refuses saying that she is Swayam’s G. F. and she has all the rights to be upset. One of the college worker comes to inform them that Adi has send their letters and the team agrees to be happy or angry only after reading them.

The scene moves to canteen where everyone is upset saying that its unfair to not dance without the permission of the client as stated in the letter. It also states that even if they dance they will have to do it under the name of Reyzor’s. Just then Swayam enters and asks what if they want to dance as team D3. Rey tries to defend that they have already made changes for us and it must be for the brand and that just a signature will make them professionals. Swayam counter questions that now are they only Reyzor’s ? Rey defends that they have already discussed on this topic and that its just a matter of two months and then they can be back as D3. The team eventually agrees that since its temporary they agree and all sign the sheet except SwaRon. Rey hands Swayam his letter which he declines and goes away from there. Sharon feels angry and takes the letter from Rey’s hand and goes to talk with Swayam. Meanwhile Aashi receives a text from Adi to meet him in projector room.

Sharon comes to the abandoned corridor’s fire escape and remembers her last encounter with Swayam at the BB court. She walks down and sits beside Swayam. Sharon asks him if he is signing ? Swayam rudely replies back that he is mad according to Sharon so what’s the use of asking such a person. They again start quarreling and Swayam states that he doesn’t care what Sharon has to do about the letter. He will not force his beliefs and ideas on her. He says that its better if they take their own decisions and not discuss with each other. This angeres Sharon more and she simply states that she doesn’t want to talk with him. Swayam says fine, and that if you don’t want to talk then why are you still standing here. Sharon moves out of their in utmost anger and goes back in the canteen to get her letter from Rey and she simply signs it. When Rey tries to talk to her she simply avoids him and moves away from there.

Adi asks Aashi to prepare a scratch routine by the very next morning and asks her and Swayam to be alone and rehearse in the night as he feels that Swayam gets distracted when the group is around. Aashi tries to reason out that its impossible for anyone to do all this just in a day’s time. Adi reasons that anybody new if tries to do it will take more time but since she and Swayam have already started it will be easy for them. Aashi finally comes to agree and promises to present the choreography by tomorrow morning.

Aashi is waiting in the RH for Swayam and is tensed whether he will turn up or not since it was really important for them to present the choreography by the very next morning. Finally swaym arrives and she gets really excited and goes to hug him when Swayam bends on the right time. She excitedly tells that she knew he would come for sure. Swayam says that he would obviously come since he has promised her. She says chuck it and that they have to prepare the routine by tonight itself or their reputation is at stake. Swayam gets ready for the practice when Aashi asks him to put his phone on silent as they don’t want any disturbances at all. Swayam agrees and they start rehearsing.

Sharon is in her living room and is just cursing Swayam for not even calling her once. She looks at the wall clock and notices that its 1 in the night. She thinks whether he is awake or sleeping and then gets more angry thinking that he din’t even think once of her before sleeping. This thought angers her more and finally she decides and calls up Swayam which he doesn’t receive as he is busy practicing with Aashi and the phone is on vibration and here Sharon thinks that he is still ignoring her.

After a tiring rehearsals Aashi asks for a water break and Swayam sits on a block near his bag when he feels his phone vibrating and answers it seeing its Sharon calling him. Sharon starts questioning him in anger and asks if he has a problem with her. Swayam states that he doesn’t want to fight. Not now, Not ever. He also tells her that he cannot talk as he is busy. Sharon asks him busy at this late and he replies that he is setting the routine for ShaRey’s dance. She questions him routine this late and asks where he is and with whom ? He replies that he is in college with Aashi. Meanwhile Aashi comes back and asks to begin and Swayam hangs up the phone.

Aashi questions whose phone it was because he looks a bit worn out. He simply denies that and says that lets rehearse.

They are rehearsing and Sharon enters near the entrance of the RH and sees them practicing and they eventually stop at a very intimate pose with them having an eye lock. Sharon gets uncomfortable seeing them and remembers all the events of Swaron fights about the same song and photo leak as well as their confession scene. She is just unable to see Aashi in Swayam’s arms in that pose.

Precap: Rey is in Adi’s cabin where Adi states that Swayam wants to lead Reyzor’s and that is the only reason he didn’t sign the given contract. He conveys Rey that Swayam had himself asked Adi to prepare a separate contract for Swayam alone and that its all his mind game. Rey gets angry and says that if Swayam wants to play mind game then he has to face him directly. Adi wishes him all the best.

Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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