Dil dosti Dance 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil dosti Dance 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Dil dosti Dance 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Swayam is in the terrace doing his workouts when Sharon comes there.He sees her and asks her she hear?Sharon says she was searching for him in the whole college.She gets worried seeing him and thinks he is totally pissed up and says that they need to prepare for a duet performance.Swayam says they ill do it tomorrow.Sharon says they have to do it now and moves towards the sound system.Swayam says he is not in the right mind frame.Sharon says then they have to dance.Swayam tries to make her understand but she moves forward seeing his eyes and comes and stands before him.

Rey is in the rehearsal hall when Taani comes in.He asks her has she not changed.She says he need not teach her dance forcefully.Rey says he must have not reacted so.He says he did not like the way in which she told Sharon as outsider.She is his best friend.Taani says and she did not like they way he told their problems as non sence which are caused by her and it indirectly means it is her.Rey says he is not in the proper mind frame and needs his girl friend.Taani hugs him and says sorry she must have not reacted so.All these troubles from him are cause of her.Rey makes her silent.

Sharon moves forward and they both dance to the tunes of maula mere in a passionate way.Once that Dance is done Swayam turns around and says they will try to add this in the routine.Sharon is shocked hearing this and says fine we will add.Swayam is facing the other direction when Sharon thinks what is happening to her and moves out.

Rey is in the rehearsal hall doing his warm up when Taani comes in and sees.He gets tired and leaves up when Taani says he is tired so soon.Rey gets up and walks towards her.She says that he must concentrate more.He tries to hold her when she runs around.He catches her and says how is she.She is fit.She still moves around and sits in the rehearsal hall.Rey says after the end her will ask Tauji for her hand.She says even he is thinking like her.Rey sits beside her.She thanks him for being in her life.He thanks her too.Taani says that if he was not in her ife then her life would have been different.She says she would have like other girls sitting and thinking about her carrier but now she is not worried like others.She wants her college life to end and marry him.Rey asks does she not have future plans.She says that the designation of Rey’s wife is enough for her.

She sees the time and thinks its late and moves out.Rey recalls their talks and is worried.He thinks cant a girl have her own individuality.Taani is his GF the GS of St.Louis and she does not have a carrier plan.He also thinks that Taani is doing all this for him.He finally decides apart from being his wife taani needs her individuality too.He thinks of speaking to Swayam about this and then feels that would be different.

Precap:Team practicing Dance.Rey lost in thought.Swayam asks him whats trouble.Rey gets a call from Rishi.Swayam asks why is his dad calling Rey.Rey tells he called for lunch but he wont go.Rey goes out with Rishi.The gang searches for Rey Vicky comes in and says Rey is not found anywhere in college.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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