Dil Dosti Dance 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st November 2013 Written Update

Rishi asks Taani to get the duppata from her mother-in-law.Rey thinks Taani won’t get it as she still loves him.Taani takes the duppata from the women and thinks what am I doing now.I cannot change my decisions now.I took the decision to move forward and can’t turn back now its wrong.The women congratulates Rishi and they all all congratulate each other .Rishi asks all to move to have food.The boys move to Rey ask him not to take any tension but Rey just moves from there.Swayam is checking out the food arrangements when Sharon comes and asks him he is observing everything seriously except her.The boys decide that they have to find faults in Visesh and we must show Rey is good to Taani.Swayam asks Sharon why is she here did dad tell anything .Sharon says no. Swayam asks Sharon to go as he does not need her help.Sharon tells him now she will go and tell Rishi to appoint her for work.Swayam ignores and address the waiter a few things such as seat reservation for the groom and his friends and so.Sharon repeats few of the things he says.Swayam sees her when Sharon says he does not have a choice so wherever you go take me with you and go.

Taani is in her room when Rey jumps in through the window.Taani sees him and paniks and asks him to go.Rey says he will not go alone but will take her and go.They both can run away and he will speak with her uncle later.They can tell the truth to everyone.Taani asks him what truth.Rey says the truth that your hands where shivering while getting the blessings plate.Taani says you saw that but didnt notice the truth that I took the plate in my hands.Taani futher asks Rey why is he making it difficult for her to move on.She tells him that she has moved on and now its his turn.Rey asks so you look sad because I have not moved on.He holds her and asks does she not love him.He says her eyes tell her that she loves him.Taani replies if I would then I would have not come forward for this engagement.Rey asks her to see in his eyes and tell him that she does not love him.Rishi knocks the door calling Taani.Taani asks Rey to go but when he is still there she joins her hands and asks him to leave if he had ever loved her.Rey moves out and Taani opens the door.Rishi asks her to get ready as the entertainment program planned specially for her and Visesh is going to begin.

The boys call the girls and inform them about Mission Taani. The girls and boys come to dining area and are shocked to see Sharon with Swayam.Simmi says let leave this and concentrate on Visesh.Vishesh comes in wit his friends.One of his friends comments they have not been served.Vicky says see now he wills how grooms side power but Vishesh tells his friends we are from groom’s side that does mean we rule you guys sit and I’ll bring water.Vicky and Nil keep trying to find faults when the girls says he is good.Swayam comes to take care when Vishesh tells him not to do so as they are friends first and Brother-in-law later.He sees Sharon and Sharon intrudes herself as Sharon.Vishesh says he has heard a lot about her.Sharon says Swayam must have been speaking when Visesh says no he has heard a lot about them from Taani.He says he has all the details about them.The gang is shocked hearing this.Sharon comes forward and asks you know everything.Visesh excuses from his friends and moves away.He then asks Swayam and Sharon by everything so they mean Rey.He says any relation does not start with lies.Taani has told him everything.There is nothing to be surprised about if I had loved her does not mean whole world will be the same.Swayam tells Sharon he needs to speak with Vishesh and moves even forward alone.Aashi tells this guy loves Taani truely.Even after knowing about Rey he has no issues.

Swayam asks Visesh even after knowing all you love Taani.Are you sure you will not blame her later.Visesh says she told me everything and that makes me happy that she is comfortable sharing things with me.Any girl can be impressed by Rey he has charm.Infact I would want to thank Rey.Do you remember how Taani was when she was a child she wanted to do shortcut for everything but now she does it with perfection.She has now understood my love for her too orelse I was like a joke for her She would have never accepted this coming forward.Rey hears all this standing upstairs.I have no issues with Rey nor am I jealous of him. Destiny has written me and Taani together else we would have not been together. Rey thinks Visesh knows about me and Taani still has no issues regarding it.Is he the right guy for Taani.He is in the temple area thinking is he how he shows himself that good.He asks God to show him what he must do.Swayam comes there and tells Rey the entertainment program is about to begin and he will miss it.Rey says he has missed a lot of things already.Swayam asks Rey he knew when he was coming here.Rey says he had planned it differently while coming and now things have changed.I wanted to fight with destiny but she loves destiny more than me.Swayam tells Rey that Taani has told Vishesh about everything. Rey tells he knows and its strange that she has told everything to Vishesh.Rishi comes in telling Swayam the program is about to begin.He sees Rey and asks is there any problem when Rey denies.Rishi tells Rey is like his second son and he can say.Swayam tells his dad they will be down in sometime.

The girls says Vishesh is good guy.Vicky says every guy looks good to you.Nilesh agrees whatever said Vishesh is good.Aashi tells them we are Rey’s friends but we must not try finding wrong faults.As much as Rey is good for Taani so is Vishesh.Rey hears this and thinks my friends also feel Vishesh is good for Taani

Precap:Rey and Vishesh talk.Sharon tells Swayam Rey is angry and don’t know what he is going to tell Vishesh.

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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