Dil Dosti Dance 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon and Swayam were packing; she brings a lot of clothes and asks do they look good. He says he can tell if she tries them and insists her to show him wearing the dresses. She goes to wear a dress and comes out draped in it. Swayam keeps looking at her as she comes out. He stands up and they move towards each other. Sharon turns around and poses for him to tie the knot behind her shirt. He does that and comes closer to her. She turns towards him, he drapes her dupatta on her head and kisses her forehead and hugs her. He says I’ll miss you, she replies saying I ll miss you more.
At night, Rey was thinking about Kriya visit at his house and smiles. He thinks how much fun it was and she looked cute, and says he will keep her very happy. He asks God to resolve the hacking issue.
Rilli tells her dad that her exams are still left. She argued but her father says they are sending a guy to her college, else she must come back to get engaged.
Swayam was in the corridor thinking he dropped Sharon to airport but how to convince himself because he is missing her. He thinks she will be happy and goes into the corridor. He goes into peon whose books fall down. He tells Swayam that VP sir is worried from the morning as the foreigners are teasing him.
Simmi comes to Rilli in the dancing hall. They all gather, Bharat tells her they will play prank with him but Rilli rejects the idea. Simmi suggests she will meet the guy being Rilli, she agrees.
Swayam comes to VP sir’s office. He asks him is everything ok, is the issue about the New York institute. VP sir says that the coming few days are crucial for them, they will have to prove that they actually deserve the affiliation. Swayam assures him saying they fought hard to get the affiliation. The VP sir says the fight will now start, just wait and watch.
Rey comes out of the car and calls Kriya is she ok. He says poetry for her; Kriya asks where you get these cheesy lines. Rey tells her to come downstairs quick. She asks couldn’t they go to movie in the evening, but he says watching movie by bunking class is always fun. Kriya suspects VP sir might dislike his bunking the class but he says he has too much to do.
Simmi and Rilli come to restaurant. They put their cell phones on silent and Simmi reminds Rilli that she can’t use her name for today. Simmi asks who that desperate can be who is ready to meet her before seeing her photograph. They were still arguing when a guy calls her name. They both look at him and stand up.
VP argues the board that the affiliation is costing them too much. VP says that the students might not be able to fulfill all the conditions. VP says that the conditions must be revised as the New York university is keeping it all in their favour. The board member says that he will have to handle the staff and the students, as the affiliation has been announced in public.
VP sir comes outside and calls Swayam to come to his office with their team.

PRECAP: Rey is upset the Kriya made him miss the movie. Kriya dances to make his mood up but someone there is making their pics.

Update Credit to: Sona

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