Dil Dosti Dance 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st March 2013 Written Update

Sharon and Swayam are in the projector room seeing few videos and examining them.Swayam says that he feels this time the National Dance League will be more tough.Sharon says yes and they have to manage it well with the dance and professional events too.Swayam asks if she will be able to manage to which Sharon replies that when the Team can manage why cant she.Swayam says and he is her assistant.Sharon replies saying ya the best assistant ever.I remember that.By the way what should we call the team Weeklings are DrazlingsSwayam says that they are representing the college and so there will be The Louians.The remember the time when priciple asked them to wear the Louians band and laugh heartly thinking about the past memories.Swayam gets serious and ask about her health.She says “Never Better”.Sharon then says they must concentrate on auditions.Swayam says he is remembering about Govinda’s dialog From the future of Bright lets take a right and Sharon laughs.They things they are discussing more about you are right.Rey calls him and says he needs to meet him right now.Swayam says Locker room.Rey says in front of all rehearsal hall and also asks him to call Sharon if she is with him.Swayam says to Sharon that Rey called to which Sharon asks all good.The team is in the rehearsal hall.The boys shocked seeing Swaron together.Rey comes and Thanks them saying they came here on a short notice.Aashi says how will they not agree as The Reyaansh Singhania is the boss. Rey says he cant be the captain.Swayam asks what happened.Rey says thats not important and he supports Swayam being a captain.
Vicky asks is it cause of Taani to which Rey says lets not go into it.Nilesh starts with Will the follow the steps of a weekling.Rey says are they serious..Even Sharon is shocked.Simmi says it never did end.Rey is shocked.Finally laugh and say that they were kidding.All accept swayam as captain.Sharon asks him to ask if he is fine.Rey moves thinking he will inform Taani..
Taani is attaching the notice.Rey comes and says it that he needs to speak with her and both move.He says her that he dropped the captaincy.Taani asks what to which he says He is no more the captain and Swayam will be the captain.He says he did what she wanted.Taani says that he is not the captain cause she wanted so.Rey agress.taani says which means he wanted to be the captain and is not just cause she wanted.He must have followed his heart.She does not want to force the relationship on him.Rey gets confused.Taani explains futher saying that this will create problems in the future.Rey says he did not think of far.Taani says you need not follow my point of view especially when you dont agree and moves from there.Rey says but I agree with your point of view.Rey Oh god is this really happening.

The team is in the basket ball court and are playing.Aashi is excited cause its first time she is performing with whole team.Vicky says he feels some problem may happen.The gang discussed that Sharon is the captain of D3 team and Swayam of college team and when clashes come the Swayam will give preference to College and Sharon to the professional team which may cause rift between the two.Simmi says just when she thought that Swayam and Sharon can be friends all this is happening around.Rey is in the rehearsal hall thinking why is Taani not understanding him.He accepts that he must have thought about giving time.Swaaym comes in the locker room and sees Rey upset.He asks that you left captaincy so something major must have happened.Rey says he did this to avoid somrthing major.Swayam says just cause of last night he need not hide things from him.he can still share with him .He also adds that he is not comfortable with few.Rey says that this comes in the list of the few things.Boys come into the locker room.Swayam and Rey say Hi.The boys found it a bit dull and asks what happened.they find out its cause of Taani .Swayam says there is no issue between the bro and sis.Barath says that its cause that Rey and Taani are in relation.Swayam tries to move when boys stop him.Barath says sis is later and friend is first.Nilesh asks how to which Barath says that its cause sister came later to college and friends are there from the start. Sharon just sticks the notice in the rehearsal hall when Swayam too comes up and says he is late.Taani comes from behind and says that how can you be late when I gave you before an hour.

Precap:Vicky,Nilesh and others try making Taani understand that Rey is a cassionava .Swayam and Rey have no clue regarding this and team dance..

Update Credit to: asmaju

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