Dil Dosti Dance 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 21st June 2013 Written Update

Rey was waiting near basketball court and when Taani comes he calls her and she sees him.Rey thinks finally she has notices him and says he needs to speak with her.Taani tells there must a official meeting now and moves out.Swayam and Sharon are still in the classroom where both are still and Swayam still holding Sharon’s hand. Both receive message that makes them come out of their world and both see it as a message from Taani calling for a meeting.Sharon asks to move but Swayam asks to wait.Sharon gets up and moves forward,Swayam gets up behind and says finally its Swayam and Sharon. Officially girlfriend and boyfriend.She loves me.Yes she loves me.

The gang comes to the room where meeting is to be held.They ask Aashi if she knows and Swayam too none knows just then Tani comes in.The gang asks was there any issues due to the blog.Taani informs a No and in fact the judge has been down from NDC.He shall not judge any more NDC events. The team is happy and excited.Nilesh asks whats the use we are not into the finale.Swayam says we can be happy for others the competition shall be fair for the rest.Just then VP comes in saying that guess Taani did not tell you the real news.Taani ask you know sir.VP sir yes I knew but I wanted you to face it. Vp tells a team has got down from NDC and by Taani’s presentation, with this all question about presentation when Taani says she just showed them few dances that had varied styles from contemporary to skates.She continues saying the team is into NDC Finals.the who team is shocked.Taani repeats it when they all jump in excitment.VP congratulates them and moves.The team hugs each other, Swayam and Sharon are about to hug when Barath come and hugs Swayam.Rey is about to hug Taani when Taani stops him.

Rey catches Taani’s wrist and takes her to corridor.He says he has to tell her something and cant wait more.He takes a red rose from inside his jacket and gives it to her.Taani is shocked She takes the rose holds it in her hand crumbles it and throws it down and moves into some room. Simmi asks the team to get controlled as they have Jashn event too and the dates of NDC and Jashn clash each other.Sharon says she has got the advance for Jashn too.Swayam says after strugle they have got NDC they cant leave it,They decide they will make a solution soon.Rey drags Taani to the rehearsal hall and starts dancing on Small town girl at the end Taani asks Rey to stop it.Rey says he loves her.Taani asks how dare he does this.Rey says the break up was a drama.Taani asks sarcastically drama.For you even break up was a drama like love but for me both were true. At a time relationship was important and now its breakup.I can’t feel anything for you.Neither love nor hate cause you mean nothing to me.Rey is stunned and still in RH while Taani moves out.

The gang is in the atrium waiting for rehearsals.Swayam and Sharon share a LLHH when Simmi notices it.Sharon then moves and so does Swayam,the boys ask where is Rey when Swayam says he is out and said he will join tomorrow.Vicky says they need to do something as a theme.Swayam asks what about its love,soft,romantic,.Sharon says Love theme is not possible. its too slow.Swayam and Sharon start the argument when Bharat says mahayud (war) has started.Simmi stops them and asks both of them to calm down.Aashi comes and says love theme is a slow topic.few more agree and Sharon smiles seeing Swayam.Rey is outside Taani house.He calls Taani but she ignores first few times and then picks up.Rey says can enter from the window into your room but he wont do it as he wants her permission before entering into the room.Taani says he can’t as window is closed from inside.Rey says no like always her rooms window is open.

Precap:Girls Vs Boys dance.Taani closed the window of her room and the curtains are pulled too.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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