Dil Dosti Dance 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma was working out in the morning, Swayam asks about Sharon. He tells him he was at the lake side. Raghv calls his doctor, he was chill but she asks him to come soon, as he needs some more tests. He tells her that the females and patients will be distracted by him. She asks him to get serious. He says he is already very serious in condition, now he wants to enjoy his last few days with friends and family.

Swayam appreciates the beauty of nature, and thinks about Sharon. He watches her top lying nearby, and says is this is a prank he will not like this. He doesn’t like this, and calls Sharon. He thinks she must have come here, as her clothes are here. He calls her, while she comes out splashing the water. He covers her, and says what if somebody looks at her. She asks did he feel something, he says nothing before marriage.

Rey and Sara walk together. She says that she knows everything about him in college, but she wants to know about Rey from his mouth. He says his passion is dance. She asks about the food. He says he likes traditional food. She tells her about herself, how she went abroad. He asks did she tell him everything. She asks is he bored. He says she is a complete entertainment package.

Swayam comes to the boys, Vicky asks does the idea of making him jealous work. He says he did a big mistake, and is burning himself. Sharon comes there. Swayam runs away. Vicky makes fun of them.

Nil comes to Simmi who was cooking. He says she is preparing for after marriage, when she will cook. Simmi says in his dreams. Karma comes there saying Huma is in a habit of dreaming. Huma stands up, and they both argue. Nil takes Karma, while Simmi makes Huma calm down.

Swayam takes Sharon into the room. He tells her to wear some sensible clothes, but he says she must wear some sensible clothes in the village. She says this means, her magic is working. He takes leave for lunch, and tells him that come change. She calls him phattu, saying he is afraid to touch her. Sara hears this all, and laughs. Swayam takes Sharon to bed, when Sara calls them for lunch. Swayam says her family always comes in the wrong timing.
The boys pick mistakes in food, Simmi challenges the boys to cook. The agree. Rey tells Ishika that food is really good, she tells them Simmi and Huma cooked. Rey asks Sara to pass the bowl. Sharon teases them. Sara says they had a patch-up. Rey asks when did they fight.

Sharon asks Sara that she isn’t digesting about their patch-up. Sara says that she was right, she wasn’t giving Rey his space. They thought about starting friendship again. Sharon asks doesn’t she love him. She says she wants him to feel it. Sharon says she must not hope much, or will be hurt. Sara says that right now she is very happy. They hug.

Girls warily waited for dinner, saying they are getting the punishment for not cooking. The boys get the food. They were all shocked to see, while Rey says they got to know today how difficult is cooking. They all held ears, that they pick mistakes from the food. The girls taste the food, makes bad face but give them a thumb up. The boys cheer.

Lakhan stands with his men, when a young man approaches him. Lakhan welcomes him, he says that they have common enemy and will make these citizens leave the village.
Rey and Swayam conducted the practice. Someone calls that the villagers know the counting as well. Sharon recognize him as Alok, who held Sharon hostage in the village performance. Rey asks what is he doing here. Lakhan comes telling them, he is his friend. Rey asks what does he wants. Alok looks at Sharon, asking what he can give him that he can’t snatch. Swayam comes to cover Sharon. He asks is he still with her, his hero has come here now. Swayam deters him to behave, Lakhan asks what he will do then. The boys head towards them. Rey says they don’t want to fight, as they have come to teach dance to villagers. Lakhan says he doesn’t want this, they must leave tonight. Rey says if he was able to do something, he must have done it a long time before. Alok says his villagers believed him a lot, but he is the groom who ran away from his wedding.

PRECAP: Sharon and Swayam dances, as Seeta and Ram.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Swayam fattu XD
    And Sharon using such a word it was suprising..
    Menka and Vishwamitra this scenario is hilarious and sharon is looking khoobsoorat

  2. swaron kriyansh

    why is the group teasing sara n rey………..there is no point coz they all know he loves kriya……..and THE sharon…i dont no wat happened to her but it is nice seeing this:-P

  3. areebah hafsa

    Keith plus come back…I miss the sweet.talks of them…shakthi come back

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