Dil Dosti Dance 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th November 2013 Written Update

Sharon comes and makes sounds with her anklet.Swayam turns to check where the sound is from when she moves away. Rinni comes searching for Sharon when she shouts Sharon’s name and Swayam sees her. Sharon says she has to practice for performance.Sharon asks Rinni to go and she will meet her later.She drops the anklet on the way which Swayam sees .he comes and picks it up seeing no one has noticed him but Sharon hides and watches him take her anklet away and feels happy.

Rey is with a set of women applying Mehandi.He tells them to apply mehendi in his hand.He tells them to write T with mehendi in his hand.Boys who are watching this think he is writing name of some girl whose name starts with T.Later they realize its Taani.They realize Rey still loves Taani and he is planning rum away with her.They think about the problem it may cause between Rey and Swayam.
Sharon is waiting for Swayam for dance rehearsal in the store room.Swayam enters and she admires him.He looks at her with astonishment but dont compliment her.She says,when he will compliment her that she is looking beautiful.He avoids her question and says they should start practice.She asks if he came only for rehearsal.He says if she dont want to dance he will leave..She says why cant he forgive her for once.He says they cant be together.Why she lied to his father.She says they are still together for her.He says she is wrong.She says if she will avoid her even in this song she will stop trying.He says she can play any song,he wont be affected.She plays the song Pehla Nasha which reminds him of many moments of their love.They started dancing together , he looses his control and comes close to her during dance.They are inches apart when he realizes his position and pushes himself from her.He says sorry for being close to her and leaves the place .

Taani is thinking about Rey and she decided to accept the fact that she is getting married to someone else.Rey says she still loves her,so he wont loose hope.Sharon decides not loose hope and try get back her love.Swayam thinks he never thought sharon can make him feel special.But he thinks if he will accept her she will break his heart again.So he tries to control himself.

Next day,Boys say Rey if he wants they will beat the groom and kidnap Taani for him.Swayam is confused that gang knows about Rey being sad.Rey says Taani will come to him herself.Swayam asks him if he is ok.Rey says he is trying.Girls are getting ready and Sharon comes in traditional attire.Girls complement her.
Swayam’s family welcome Taani’s would be groom,Vishesh.He comes and tries to talk to Swayam to which Swayam seems uncomfortable.Rey speaks between them and manages situation.Swayam’s father is confused to see Swayam being uncomfortable around Vishesh.They take their seats and Taani comes.Rey recalls the moments when she wanted to marry him.Swayam tries to support him.Swayam’s father tells him to get the gifts,Sharon follows him.Sharon asks him that when he will say she is looking beautiful.He gets lost in her beauty for a moment but next moment he avoids her.
Vishesh’s family gives Taani some gifts.Rey seems unhappy .Taani thinks if he is not happy she cant be happy.

Precap:Rey comes to Taani’s room and tells her to run away with him

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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